Steve – Here Comes A Racker


Steve – Here Comes A Racker

By Robert Hoague

Nov 11, 2009 – 5:28:16 AM


Steve Prokos was watching a fork horn and a doe and when they looked
into the tall grass at a deer Steve saw a glimpse of its rack and
didn’t pay much attention to it. Before today he had only seen 4 does
and 2 bucks for 7 days of hunting. But his luck was going to change
when he got a look at the big bodied 11 point Racker that was on the way.  

When Steve and his Roscoby buddies arrived they talked to Wade Nolan
and Robbie Cramer about places to hunt. They went to Jocky Hollow and
Steve helped Richard and Jeff find areas to hunt and get set up
treestands. The trio hunted that afternoon and the next morning. No deer were
seen so they decided to spend the day scouting. They found two new

The next day they went to set up. People were already at their first
choice so they set stands at their second choice location that
afternoon. Jeff saw a doe, a forky and a nice 8-point. Steve saw
nothing. After that he moved two times and never saw a deer. Richard
shot a doe on the stand that Jeff saw the deer.

Meanwhile, Steve discovered a location near a road that looked like the
places they hunt in Michigan: a creek, cat tails, tall grass, dead
trees,  a wet swampy area. Steve found a high spot and tucked
himself back into the grass with a dead tree behind him and on the
left. He sat on his stool and waited. The wind was out of the south
west, perfect for where he was sitting. Two hours later, at 2:40pm, a
couple of does walked by at 20 yards. But Steve had a goal, to come to
Ohio and shoot a buck.

The fork horn and doe showed up at 3:10 and they stayed there together
for 20 minutes, until they saw the big buck making his way toward them.
The fork horn walked away and the doe walked the opposite direction and
the 11-point approached her. She was moving and he followed her.

The buck was in bow range but brush was in the way. But when he buck
cleared the brush Steve drew his bow. The buck turned away from him.
Steve decided to bleat but before he could do it the buck stopped.

Steve settled in and released.

The arrow hit hard, quartering away, went through both lungs and
punctured the heart. The 11-point kicked, ran and disappeared.almost
immediately in the tall switch grass and Steve heard the buck go down
close by.

Steve knew the buck was down and went to recover it right away. He
found it 20 yards from where it was shot. Steve knew it was a good
buck. Since he was not getting picked up until dark he returned to his
stool and waited. During the wait he saw a heavy 8-point, 5 more does,
a spike and another 8-point.

At dark he gutted his buck and drug him to the pick up point.

Steve has bowhunted 20 years and has bowhunted for bear, wild turkey,
coyotes and lots of small game. His favorite is whitetail deer.


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