Shawn Finds A Racker


Shawn Finds A Racker

By Robert Hoague

Nov 4, 2009 – 2:05:21 PM


Shawn Marquix came from Connecticut with five friends. On Friday
afternoon his buddy Greg saw a big 9-point 45 yards away in the brush
and could not get a shot at the buck. The next day the two bowhunters
adjusted their stand locations a little. They saw an 8-point and a doe.

After talking with Tom Newman and learning that he preferred to pass on early morning hunts and wait until later to go in and then stay all day, Shawn and Greg did just that.

They went in at 10:30. At 11:00 Greg texted him that a fork horn was
coming across the ridge toward him. The fork horn didn’t get to Shawn
until 3:00 in the afternoon. The buck browsed around the area for half
an hour and eventually left. He showed up again later and a small doe
came out. It passed Shawn’s treestand and looked behind it. Shawn heard
a deer in the brush and grabbed his bow.

A 9-point was following the doe. The doe stopped nearby and when the
buck caught up it stopped too … 15 yards away … quartering away.
Shawn shot and saw the glow of his Luminock go through the buck. It did
a high kick and took off in Greg’s direction.

He texted Greg, “I just shot a racker. Can you see him?”

Greg was watching an 8-point coming up the ridge when he heard Shawn
shoot. Deer spooked and ran his stand. The 8-point ran away.

They talked on the cell. Greg asked him what the buck looked like and Shawn replied. “Just like the one I shot last year.”

The blood trail was easy to follow until 70 yards down hill in the briers they lost the trail.

“He’s not bleeding much anymore,” Shawn said. Greg replied, “He probably doesn’t have any blood left in him.”

A quick scan with the flashlight caught sight of the rack sticking up. Both bowhunters let out a holler.

They dragged him out of the woods and hurried to our banquet at Raiders Restaurant for some
prime rib. On the way there a big racked 8-point was standing in the
road and watched the headlights as they pulled right up to him. He
slowly  walked off the road and the hunters went to the banquet.

Shawn is a union electrician in Connecticut. When he was 12 he began
bowhunting for the first time and has done it every year since. “I shoot
a lot of 3-D and target and bowhunting is a passion. I’ve hunted
Canada, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania and now Ohio.” I
asked him what he liked hunting the best and he said, “I like it all.”


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