Scott – The Slow Walk Buck


Scott – The Slow Walk Buck

By Robert Hoague

Nov 2, 2009 – 12:10:01 PM


Scott McAllister came to the hunt from South Central Pennsylvania with a group of seven friends. He
scouted on Friday and found rubs and scrapes near a ridge. Three of
the group went in the next day and spread out along the ridge to see if they
saw any activity.

At 6:00 Scott saw a buck coming down from the ridge above him. The buck
was relaxed and natural, walking in the direction of a large grass field. When the
8-point was 25 yards away Scott drew his bow.

At 20 yards the buck was
on a slow walk and slightly quartering away broadside. The shot double
lunged the buck and it ran 30 yards and stopped. It stood for a few
seconds and laid down. That was it.

“This is my first time out here in Ohio.” Scott told me, “Hunting deer
is great here for public land. If you put the time in you too can be
successful here.”

Scott manages a waste water treatment plant. The company makes Snapple
ice tea, apple juice and Hawaiian punch. Any processed water products
that will go down the drain comes into the treatment plant and Scott’s
operation processes it until it is fit to be returned to the public
trout streams. The remaining sludge from the treatment plant is used as
fertilizer and is free to the local farmers.

Here is another pic of Scott and his 2009 Ohio 8-point.


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