Richard Roscobys One


Richard Roscobys One

By Robert Hoague

Nov 5, 2009 – 9:12:33 AM


Richard Millunchick came to the hunt with Steve Prokos and Jeff Tyson. They are all with Roscoby Riser Cam.

At 8:30 this morning he shot at a buck and missed it. He climbed down
and recovered his arrow and returned to his climber treestand.

occasion he made doe bleats for an hour. A doe came into range from the
trees to his right. Richard had a mock scrape 12 – 15 yards away and
the doe went to it. Richard drew and took his broadside shot. The doe
fell straight to the ground and  then went 15 yards down the hill.

A second doe came out of the trees and went up a ridge behind some
trees. It was in range and Richard took a shot and missed. After that
he recovered his doe.

On the hunt Richard has seen several does and one buck. He told
me, “At the banquet the Ohio biologist encouraged everyone to harvest
does to help with the management of the deer herd, the greatest deer
herd in the Mid West. I am now looking forward to my first Ohio buck. “

Richard recorded his hunt on the Roscoby Riser Cam. He is one of the
founders of RiserCam, LLC and works with dealers and customer support
as well as sales. He told me, “The Riser Cam is very successful and
more and more hunters of all kinds are using the camera now, and
videoing their hunts for pheasant, duck, turkey, bear and of course,
deer. This week there were 4 hunters at this event that captured their kills on the Riser Cam. It is a thrill for me to see other hunters sharing their experience from the field. with their videos
from their hunts.


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