Ohio – Picking Up The Loose Ends



Ohio – Picking Up The Loose Ends

By Robert Hoague

Dec 6, 2009 – 7:12:33 AM


The 2009
Bowhunting.net Bowhunt — co-hosted by Whitetail University — was a
fun and successful hunt for us all. There was serious bow and arrow type deerhunting going
on as 39 bowhunters took to the public land forests of Jockey Hollow,
Clendenning Lake and Egypt Valley. Most hunters concentrated on scrape
sites and used climbing stands. It proved to be a successful technique.

 The accommodations at our headquarters at Clendenning Lake Marina
were log cabins with roomy bunk beds, showers, kitchens, and more.
Three of the cabins had large porches that served as gathering
places as hunters came in during the day and at night.

Several companies sent banners to be displayed.

Several companies sent products to be given away to the hunters.
This was a very big hit and everyone sends out special thanks to: MOUNTAINEER SPORTS, RESCUE ONE ‘CDS, LOC A PEEP, C’Mere
REAPER Broadheads
, MAGNUS Broadheads, MUZZY
, Lauer Dura Coat, Jim
Fletcher Archery

On of the most popular places was our make shift game pole. The corner
of one of the log cabins worked perfectly for hanging up deer over

The first buck was hooked up with a rope and it was a chore to
get it up up off the ground as well as to lower it back down. I had a Rope Ratchet in my pickup and got it
out. The Rope Ratchet made the chore much easier. Every day a local butcher picked up
the deer and skinned and caped the bucks and cut and wrapped the
various cuts of meat.

Here is a picture of our secondary meeting place, the Raider Restaurant in Pomeroy, Ohio. We
gathered there every night after the day’s hunt and ate good food with
good people.

I did not get all the hunting stories. This bowhunter bagged a nice buck
the last day. I took his picture but he got away before I could get the
scoop on his hunt.

Here is Reed Nolan with the doe he bagged with a crossbow.

Three more does were taken that I know of, including the one that Ivan Hawthorn of C’Mere Deer got. Also, I heard that Ivan took a buck but
unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures or the story.

When the hunt was over we all loaded up and left for our respective homes.

Are we gonna do it again in Ohio next year? Why not.

Keep an eye out on bowhunting.net for the announcement and join us next year for the 6th Annual Bowhunting.net Bowhunt.


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