Ohio – My First Hunt



Ohio – My First Hunt

By Robert Hoague

Dec 6, 2009 – 10:21:02 AM


Due to the way things all came down on the Ohio hunt I was only able to
get out to hunt on two afternoons. Here is what happened.

Wade Nolan dropped me off at one of his spots and told me to follow a
trail uphill to the top. Once there I would find a ground blind.

I got inside the blind and waited. In front of me was an small opening
and I took note of several . The weather was overcast and cold and
visibility was poor.

Late in the afternoon I heard a deer walking in the leaves down the
hill. The sound got louder as the deer got closer. I got ready.

The deer came up right behind the blind and then went to the left,
taking it furthere away from my position. It was not in an open
shooting window so I carefully eased a small slit in a window that let
me see the behind side of a big racked buck. But at only 10 yards away
there were already too many trees in the way to manage a shot if an
opportunity came.

Before long daylight began fading away and I walked down the hill to wait for Wade to pick me up.

He had gotten a big doe and we went back to his stand area to get it. I
took a picture and we tied it to the rack on Wade’s 4-wheeler and went
back to the truck.

Then we drove to the Raider Restaurant and met the other hunters.


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