Ohio – Last Hunt – Calling Bucks



Ohio – Last Hunt – Calling Bucks

By Robert Hoague

Dec 6, 2009 – 10:28:31 AM


The last afternoon of the hunt I got to hunt again. That morning Reed
Nolan had hunted the blind and killed a doe with his crossbow. Because
of that I wanted to hunt another area. Wade took me to a long field on
the top of a hill, bordered by a fence and woods. He pointed out the
top of a tree that still had leaves and said that was where the
treestand was.

Minutes later I  was up in a treestand on the side of the hill.

Here is
a picture of part of the open area and the nearby fence. That fence
range findered at 22 yards.

I waited 30 minutes to let things settle down and got ready to see if I could get a buck interested in coming over.

At the writers camp preceding this hunt Jerry Petersen of Woods Wise showed everyone his new Super Hot Mah Mah
deer call. Jerry demonstrated how to use this call and gave everyone a
care package of calls that included the Mah Mah call. I was anxious to
use it and got it out and exhaled a warbley Mahhh Mahhhhh three times
and shut up.

Two minutes later a young buck walked up behind my tree looked the area
over. Seeing nothing he walked off. So I Mahhh Mahhhhed him again.

The buck returned and walked around the immediate area for several minutes. Then he left.

Forty minutes later I did the Mahhh Mahhhh thing again. In seconds I
heard a deer coming my way, it was at least 100 yards off when I first
heard it.

It was a doe and it came right to the bottom of my tree. Then it walked
around slowly  I got a picture as it stood by the Rapid Rails fastened
to the tree.

Right after the doe moved on I saw a young 8-point buck up the hill,
walking on the opposite side of the fence. During the next hour I
grunted twice and two more bucks showed up at the same fence.

The Woods Wise Mah Mah is a breeding call and it sure was doing the job for me.

I Mah Mahhhhed again and another doe came up the hill and meandered
around underneath me as the bright sunlight began loosing its edge.
Suddenly the doe darted about 15 yards from my tree and stopped in
thick cover, looking up toward the fence.

A buck, and a racker to boot, came into view along the fence. The doe
stood rock still, hidden in the cover, watching the buck walk by. When
the buck was past us the doe quietly made a hasty exit.

I did not waste any time and gave one Mah Mahhh and then choked the
call tube with my right hand and inhaled hard and made a deep grunt.
The buck didn’t waste any time either and was back in seconds. A wide,
high 10-pointer. I drew so that if I had a chance to shoot I could get
an arrow off instantly.

The racker stopped and stared down hill and surveyed the area around my tree. One step to the left of where I could shoot.

He went back the way he came from. I let down and grunted again.

He came back and once again stopped just short of where I could shoot.
While he was standing there a doe came out of no where (from my left)
and when the buck saw her he came over the fence like dive bomber. Both
deer were long gone in an instant.

A few minutes later I grunted and Mah Mahhhed again. And saw two more bucks along the fence.

Daylight went away and I climbed down and when I got to the fence a
buck was coming up on the left. It stopped and stared at me for at
least a minute. And then hurried on by me.

What a day in the deer woods of Ohio. After today’s hunt I knew two
things I didn’t know before. One, the Ohio rut was starting up. And,
two, Jerry Petersen’s Super Hot Mah Mah deer call can sure call some

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