More Ohio


More Ohio

By Robert Hoague

Nov 23, 2009 – 2:44:39 PM


To give you an
idea of what it was like at the – Whitetail University
Bowhunt in Ohio this is how things went. The day began around 4:00am
when the designated coffee maker person turned on our two 30 cup coffer
makers and got out some breakfast rolls, doughnuts or other morning
type snacks. The coffee, O.J., cereal, milk and snacks were all set out
on the tables on the large porch of the biggest cabin. Before long hunters began
coming over.

Within the hour everyone hunting was gone, off to their stands at
Jockey Hollow or Egypt Springs or Clendenning Lake. The way things shook
out, on most days, Rich Walton, Wade Nolan and myself did not get to
hunt in the morning. Wade and Rich worked on lunch and hunt
organizational stuff. I logged on with the satellite internet and put
up hunt reports and did some web site update work…

There were 39 of us in all. Some stayed in the woods all day. Some
came back to camp after their morning hunt. The ones that came back ate hearty, warm meals. While the
breakfast eaters were, well, justifiably kinda sleepy acting, lunch
was an active time.. Those with hunting stories and deer
sightings  found anxious listeners. On several days deer were
brought into camp and we took photos of them and their successful

One of the afternoon highlights was seminars. Steve Prokos from Roscoby
Riser Cam demonstrated the Roscoby camera that attaches to your bow and
answered questions.

Mitchell Wood from Mountaineer Sports introduced the new Rescue One
‘CDS’ for treestand hunters. It is a full body harness equipped with a
unique Controlled Descent System.
Mitchell put one on, climbed up to a
treestand 20 feet high …
and jumped out.

Then he lowered himself safely, at a controlled speed, to the ground.

Ivan Hawthorne, Mr. C’ Mere Deer, and his team gave a fast paced, seminar
showing how to use the various C’ Mere Deer Products to bring in deer.
I was not in camp when they did their bit and I wish I had seen it.

And Wade Nolan covered the applications for the hunting products from ATSKO.

After lunch it was back in the woods for the afternoon hunts. After
dark we met at Raider’s Restaurant in the closest town, Freeport. Every
evening Sam and Joy Mills and crew had delicious, generous portions of
home cooked dinners. It was a cool time because that was when we found
out how everyone’s hunting went as well as found out who got a deer
that day.

When dinner was over we returned to Clendenning Lake and took pictures
of the bucks and and does taken that day — and shared more hunting
stories from the day’s hunt. Soon the day was over and most everyone
was asleep


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