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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Mark Picks The Right Spot

By Robert Hoague

Nov 2, 2009 – 11:55:10 AM

Mark Carragher came from Connecticut with his buddies. They brought their own boat to check out Lake Clendenning. First they talked to some local people
and got some excellent suggestions about areas where to go. They split
up into two teams, two in the boar and two on the land. When they
located areas they liked they recorded the GPS co-ordinates. That night
they discussed what they had found and formulated a plan

The next morning it was heavy rain and high gusts of wind and they held
off until the weather settled down. Because of the weather and new wind
direction from the north they decided to hunt on land. They followed
the property line edge and discovered rubs and scrapes that were hot.

Mark and his buddy followed the rub and scrape line to the top of the
ridge and the two hunters went in opposite directions. When Mark found
a hot spot where several trails met he backed off into the brush and
made a ground blind.

After 25 minutes Mark heard a crash to his right. A buck was coming and
Mark waited for an open shot. As the buck got in the small open spot
Mark grunted and drew. The buck stopped and looked away.  The
arrow was on its way … and hit a small branch and deflected into the
ground. That spooked the deer to the left 20 yards and it stopped in an
even better open area up hill. Mark nocked a second arrow. The buck
noticed the movement and snorted.

Mark drew slowly. The buck watched him. Mark shot and heard a bony thwack.

The buck ran down the ridge, Mark saw the arrow right behind the leg. The deer disappeared in the trees.

Mark called his buddy and told him he had shot a buck. Half an hour
later he picked up his first arrows and went to the area where he has
shot the deer.

The buck was 50 yards down the hill, next to a log. He called his buddy
and let him know he had found the deer. Then he gutted the buck and
drug it to the water’s edge and washed out the body cavity.


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