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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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ArrowSlinger Rides Again

By Robert Hoague

Nov 8, 2009 – 8:56:49 AM

Brett Matthews spent two and a half days scouting for a place he liked.  He
found a ridge that had a small amount of buck sign and picked an area
that put him close to the buck sign. From his treestand he saw a lot of
does, which led him to believe a buck would cruise through. On the
second day’s hunt he pruned a path to the stand and the next morning
there was a rub in that path.

The next morning Brett was in his treestand 45 minutes before daylight.
Around 8:00 he heard a buck making a scrape. Ten minutes later he saw
the buck rubbing on a tree 60 yards away. When the buck started moving
his way Brett thought it was going to his left. It went to the right
and opened another scrape.

Brett saw a small hole he thought he could get an arrow through. Brett
is videoing his hunt and at this point he made sure the camera was in
focus and on the deer. When he knew that was right he drew his bow.

He placed the top pin on the buck’s heart and “sent it away with a wing and a prayer.”:

Thud. The arrow hit its mark.

The buck bounced 30 yards, stopped … wobbled … and fell over.

Brett usually hunts Southern Ohio and this is his first time in the
North Central part. He lives in West Virginia and is a pipe fitter.
Brett, his brother Bryant and Scott Banks are the owners of Wildcat
Archery Outdoors, LLC. They produce the video series “Real Hunters And
Real Situations.” You can see them on their web site as well as on under the
user ID of arrowslinger.  

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