A Demo – Mitchell Falls Out Of A Tree

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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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A Demo – Mitchell Falls Out Of A Tree

By Rich Walton

Nov 18, 2009 – 5:20:24 AM

During the Ohio hunt we had some special presentations and got video (Falling With Rescue One) of this one. Mitchell Wood from Mountaineer Sports took time off from his hunt to demonstrate and talk about the revolutionary new treestand safety innovation, the Rescue One ‘CDS’ Control Descent System.

It looks like, and is, a full body harness for treestand hunters. But it is a lot more than that.

If you should fall from your treestand — getting in, getting out, or while you are hunting — the ‘CDS’ part of the harness allows you to easily lower yourself safely to the ground !!!

Here is how this life saving treestand hunting tool works.

Mitchell demostrates how easily the Rescue One is to put on.

Rescue One is buckled up as Mitchell shows the tether.

Then with a smile he begins his walk to the bottom of the tree.

Using the Mountaineer Sports Ascend/Descend line Mitchell begins his climb.

Over 20′ up Mitchell covers the dangers of falling and possibility of death due to Suspension Trauma.

To show what usually happens when one falls, Mitchell does exactly that.

In usual circumstances the hunter would be dependant upon salvation from a friend, or a knife to cut himself loose. Not a good option when hanging 20′ off the ground. But Mitchell is wearing the Rescue One ‘CDS’.

Employing the convenient Suspension Relief Strap provides the fallen hunter with some additional time. But this in only postponing the effects of Suspension Trauma.

Unable to regain his footing Mitchell pulls down the life saving Controlled Descent Brake System that will allow him to safely lower himself to the ground.

Mitchell uses the ‘CDS’ brake as he descends. He is in complete control over the speed of his descent.

Mitchell Woods completes his descent. Everyone attending robustly applauded him.

And, so you can see this all in real time here is the link to the video Falling With Rescue One.


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