Ask The The Deer Professor

Ask The Deer Professor

Ask The The Deer Professor

By Doug Roberts

May 21, 2007 – 1:51:14 AM


As a boy growing up in the country, my dad shared with me his passion for hunting.  Through busy teenage years and into adult life, I always made time for hunting.  Whitetail deer was what I was most intrigued with.  I started raising them as a hobby, which eventually evolved into a full time job.  I seem to have some uncanny connection with them; I can’t explain it.  Because of that, everyone nicknamed me the Deer Professor.

I began designing whitetail genetics, consulting deer ranches and free ranging land all over the country.  While artificially inseminating does for my genetic program, we recovered secretions from the vaginal tract.  After experimenting with these secretions out in the field, we were blown away by the recreation from bucks in rut!

This patent pending collection methodology results in superior products for the hunter.

We now have a collection process so unique to this industry that it is patent-pending.  We actually synchronize does with hormones so they super ovulate, resulting in a higher volume of pheromones.  Each doe is then tested to ensure she is at the peak of her cycle.  The vaginal secretions are then collected along with the pheromone-saturated urine, thus creating our VS-1.  There is nothing like it on the market today.

    We then stumbled onto Deer Herd In A Stick?.  We had been handling deer in our facility all day and later our worker went out hunting.  When he came back, he was astonished with all the deer that had comfortably hung around close by him in his hunting area.  I told him it was because he smelled like deer!  At that moment I realized what better Cover Scent then the deer’s own scent!  The patented Deer Herd In A Stick? was then created.

    We have since expanded to several other products as well.  I continue to manage Paradise Hunt Club, design whitetail genetics along with running Border Crossing Scents.  We are a family run farm that strives for the best, and work hard to achieve it.  We want more than just a one-time sell; we want lifetime customers.  Our products are for hunters who understand the difference and demand the best.

Owner Doug Roberts knows his deer and applies his knowledge and products for success in the field.

Stay tuned each month to learn more about the world of hunting scents/lures from the Deer Professor.

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