Creating a Mock Scrape

Ask The Deer Professor

Creating a Mock Scrape

By Doug Roberts

Aug 14, 2007 – 9:36:50 AM


Summer is quickly passing and the anticipation of bagging the buck of our dreams is beginning to come into our thoughts. What we do now may determine if our dreams come true or not.

If you have access to your hunting property it is a good idea to start scouting. You need to look for signs such as runways, rubs and old scrapes. Normally deer will use the same paths and scrapes year after year. Whitetail Deer are very predictable in their patterns, provided that they are not pushed or pressured out of the area. You can even train them to get used to you taking a walk through the woods; if it is done the same way on a consistent basis. You want to look for doe & fawn bedding areas because the bucks will start visiting these bedding areas during the rut season. The bucks right now are in their bachelor groups, away from the does and fawns.

Now is the time to pick out strategic stand placement and mock scrapes that you will make in mid October (depending on your geographic rut season). Here are some tips on making your mock scrapes when October comes.

  1. Pick the highest traffic area that you can find.
  2. Pick a stand placement that has a tree with an overhanging branch.          You will need this to make a licking branch.
  3. I suggest using The Scrape Maker to scrape the ground under the             branch. Tear the ground up in a pawing fashion. Tear up an area that is    about two to four feet in diameter.
  4. Put a hoof print in the middle of the scrape that is pointing in the  direction of your stand.
  5. Make some rubs on three or four of the trees around your scrape. This is     a very good visual marker that bucks can see from a distance.

Remember, scrapes are communal places for bucks to visit and mark, to show other bucks that they are in the area and are competing for breeding rights

You have created a place of visual attraction for the bucks and does  traveling in your area, now you need to create the smell of other deer in this area. Using Deer Herd In a Stick you will give the deer a smell of confidence, curiosity and competition. Deer Herd In A Stick Cover Scent by Border Crossing Scents has the real smells and material from actual deer bedding areas. Rub the Deer Herd stick on the licking branch and on the rubs that you have made. Lastly, put some Deer Herd on a small branch or twig and place it in the middle of the scrape.

You have now created an area of interest that smells and looks appealing to the bucks right next to your stand.

Using this scent on you and your surroundings will keep the deer calm and curious and will increase your chances at that Buck of your dreams!

Good Hunting ,

The Deer Professor 


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