Wolf Interaction Report – NM Pt 2



Wolf Interaction Report – NM Pt 2

By Jess Carey

Sep 4, 2007 – 6:25:49 AM


 PtNOTE: Rich, here are just a few more photos I wanted to share with you so you can see
what the rural folks have to live with constantly. I have taken almost 2,ooo
photographs since I started investigating wolf incidents (April 20, 2006),
approx. 175 complaints to date with less than 30 wolves in Catron County. What is it going to be like when we have 100 to 500 wolves on us?

Jess Carey

Catron County Wolf Interaction Investigator

Results of findings


A stones throw from the Miller family

Case #     Date    Animal/Death/Injury              Attributed To             Conformation       Land Ownership

                                                                                                                      CWII // WS


AP-001   4-20-06      calf death                              motor vehicle               confirmed         forest

AP-002   4-22-06      calf death                              wolf                               confirmed         forest              

AP-003   4-22-06      cow death                              calving                          probable           private property

AP-004   4-22-06      cow death                              unknown                      unknown           private property

AP-005   4-24-06      calf/injury                             wolf                               confirmed         private property

AP-006   5-17-06      mare/injury                          wolf                               possible             private property

AP-007   5-18-06      farm animal stalking           wolf                               possible             private property

AP-008   5-22-06      cow death                              unknown                      unknown           forest     

AP-009   5-23-06      cow death                              wolf                              confirmed          private property

AP-010   5-25-06      calves/harassment                wolf                              confirmed          private property

AP-011   6-04-06      calf death                               motor vehicle              confirmed          forest

AP-012   6-08-06      calf death                               bear                              confirmed         forest

AP-013   6-10-06      cow death                               calving                         probable           forest

AP-014   6-12-06      cow death                               unknown                     unknown           forest

AP-015   6-13-06      cows/harassment                   wolves                          possible             private property

AP-016   6-12-06      calf/injury                              wolf                              probable            forest

AP-017   7-10-06      calf death                               wolf                              confirmed          forest

AP-018   7-11-06      cow death                               unknown                     unknown            forest

AP-019   7-12-06      cow death                               unknown                     unknown            forest

AP-020   7-15-06      calf death                               wolf   confirmed// probable to possible  private  property

AP-021   7-18-06      calf death                               coyote                          confirmed           forest

AP-022   7-28-06      cow death                               wolf                             confirmed           forest

AP-023   7-31-06 1 dog death/1 injury                   wolf                             confirmed           private property

AP-024   8-08-06      heifer death                            wolf                             confirmed           private property

AP-025   8-11-06      cow death                               bear                             confirmed           forest

AP-026   8-15-06      calf death                         motor vehicle                    confirmed           blm

AP-027   8-17-06      calf death                               wolf                              confirmed           forest

AP-028   8-17-06    horse/injury                             wolf                              possible              private property

AP-029   8-21-06      calf death                               natural                         other                   state

AP-030   8-25-06      cow death                               wolf                              confirmed           forest

AP-031   9-04-06      calf/injury                              open

AP-032   9-05-06      cow death                               wolf                              possible               forest

AP-033   9-19-06      cow death                         motor vehicle                   confirmed            state

AP-034   9-29-06      cow death                               wolf    probable//probable to possible  private property

AP-035   10-31-06   kitten death                             wolf                             confirmed            private property

Ap-036   11-13-06    cow death                                wolf                             confirmed            forest

AP-037   11-16-06    cow death                                wolf                             possible                forest

AP-038   11-23-06    calf death                                wolf                              confirmed           private property

AP-039   11-28-06    sheep injury                            wolf                      possible/unknown      private property

AP-040   12-07-06    horse injury                            wolf                              possible               private property

AP-041   12-11-06    calf death                                wolf                      possible/ unknown     forest

A calf after attacked by a wolf, the mother and another cow fought the wolf off, but it died from injuries ten days later.

AP-042   12-25-06  cat missing/wolf-human encounter    wolf                 confirmed         private property

AP-043   01-09-07    horse death                            wolf                              confirmed         private property

AP-044   01-10-07    cow death(GPS study) confirmed wolf presence    unknown           forest

AP-045   01-10-07    cow death (GPS study) confirmed wolf presence   unknown           forest

AP-046   01-12-07    sheep injury                          dogs                              confirmed         private property

AP-047   01-18-07    Emu death & injury             coyote                          confirmed          private property

AP-048   01-24-07    calf death                               wolf                              possible             forest

AP-049   01-24-07    cow death                               wolf                              possible            forest

AP-050   01-29-07    calf death (GPS study) confirmed wolf presence    unknown          forest

AP-051   01-29-07    cow death (GPS study) confirmed wolf presence    unknown          private property

AP-052   01-29-07    horse death                            wolf                      possible/unknown   private property

AP-053   01-30-07    pet dog injury                        wolf                              confirmed        private property

AP-054   01-31-07    cow death (GPS study) confirmed wolf presence    possible            forest

AP-055   01-31-07    calf death                       wolf    confirmed/unknown to confirmed   forest

AP-056   02-01-07    cow death telemetry             wolf                              possible             forest

AP-057   02-01-07    cow death                              unknown                      unknown          forest

AP-058   02-01-07    calf death                               wolf                              confirmed        forest

School superintendants home, his childrens kitten, its head was bitten off by a wolf in front of his two small children.

AP-059   02-12-07    calf injury                              wolf                              confirmed        private property

AP-059-S 02-22-07  calf  died                                 wolf                              confirmed        private property

AP-060   02-23-07    calf death                               wolf                              confirmed        forest

AP-061   02-23-07    cow death                               wolf                              possible            forest

AP-062   03-01-07    cow death                               wolf                              possible            forest

AP-063   03-01-07    calf death                               coyote                   WS investigation    forest

*AP-064   03-13-07    spike bull elk death             wolf                 confirmed     entrance to private property

AP-065   03-17-07    bull death                            unknown                      unknown            forest

AP-066   03-23-07   dog injury                               wolf                             confirmed         private property

AP-067   03-29-07   calf death                                wolf                             possible              forest

AP-068   03-29-09   calf death                               coyote                          confirmed           state

AP-069   03-29-07   cow death                               wolf                             confirmed           state

AP-070   03-30-07   calf death(GPS study)confirmed wolf, no remains left-unknown    forest     

AP-071   03-31-07   calf death                               coyote                          confirmed          forest

AP-072   04-01-07   cow death                              natural                         natural               forest

AP-073   04-01-07   calf death                               wolf                             confirmed           forest

AP-074   04-06-07   calf missing                            wolf                             possible               forest

AP-075   04-06-07   calf missing                            wolf                             possible               forest

AP-076   04-06-07   calf missing                            wolf                             possible               forest                   

AP-077   04-09-07   calf death                               wolf                             confirmed           forest

AP-078   04-04-07   calf death(GPS study)          wolf    county not       WS-possible        forest

AP-079   04-04-07   calf death(GPS study)          wolf     informed        WS-possible        forest      

AP-080   04-11-07   steer death                             wolf                             confirmed           forest

AP-081   04-14-07   cow death                               wolf                             confirmed           forest

AP-082   04-14-07   calf missing                         unknown                       unknown             forest

AP-083   04-17-07   cow death                            unknown                    WS-unknown        forest

AP-084   04-29-07   horse death                          unknown                       unknown            private property

AP-085   05-01-07   cow death                               wolf                             confirmed           state

This dog was attacked on private property and the vet had to reconstruct the dog back together, amputated its ear, chunks were bitten our of its back end.

AP-086   05-01-07   calf death                            unknown                        unknown            state

AP-087   05-04-07   cow death                            unknown                        unknown            forest

AP-088   05-06-07   horse injury                        unknown                        unknown           private property

AP-089   05-06-07   calf injury                           unknown                        unknown           private property

AP-090   05-11-07   calf death                            coyote                             confirmed           forest


Necropsy of a weanner calf, massive hemorrhage attacked by four wolves, eaten alive.


AP-091  05-15-07  cow death                             wolf                                   confirmed          forest

AP-092  05-21-07  calf death                          unknown                              unknown           private property

AP-093  05-24-07  cow death                             wolf                           possible/ unknown    forest

AP-094  05-24-07  cow injury                       unknown                                unknown           private property

AP-095  06-06-07  heifer death                          wolf                                   confirmed          forest

AP-096  06-07-07  cow death                          natural                                 confirmed          forest

AP-097  06-10-07  colt death                           dogs                                     confirmed           forest

AP-098  06-11-07  cow death                         poison weeds               WS         

AP-099  06-11-07  calf death                          coyote                          WS  confirmed           private property

AP-100  06-17-07  calf injury                           wolf                            WS  confirmed           forest

AP-101  06-28-07  calf death                            wolf                            WS confirmed            forest

AP-102  06-28-07  cow death                            wolf                            WS confirmed           forest

AP-103  06-28-07  cow death                            wolf                            WS confirmed           forest

AP-104  07-05-07  horse injury                        wolf                            WS confirmed           private property

AP-105  07-11-07  dead cow                             wolf                             WS confirmed          forest            

AP-106  07-29-07  dead cow                                                                 WS

Livestock/Wolf Related:

                                         Death:  Confirmed= 28, Probable= 1, Possible= 14

                                         Injuries: Confirmed= 3, Probable= 1, Possible= 4

                                         Missing: calf= 3

                                         Harassment: Confirmed= 1, Probable= 0, Possible= 2


The hide of same calf, there were 137 bite sites on the hide.


                                                                                                                                 Livestock Total= 57

Wolf-Pet Deaths: Confirmed= 4, Probable= 0,                                                   Pets          Total=   9

                              Injuries= 5                                                                                                            ——


Wolf-Animal complaints received as of 02-04-06; 106 – wolf related 66 = 40 non-wolf related of total complaints, of the 40, 19 are “Unknown”, 4=motor vehicle, 2=deaths-bears, 7=deaths-coyotes, 1=death dog, 1=injury-dog,  5=natural, 1=open case and 1=elk.

Wolf-Animal interactions on private property= 35

*Wildlife Deaths:  Confirmed= 2, Probable= 0, Injuries= 0                                                               

(started adding wildlife findings to this report on 03-13-07)                                                           

Unknown: Consist of livestock not found in time for necropsy, advance decomposition, ground

                   conditions, Weather conditions, evidence lost.

Wolf-Human Interactions:

Wolf-Human interactions=( 7 ) With documented psychological trauma (families) 2 open investigations

 Land Ownership: ( 6 ) private property,  ( 1 ) forest                                           


City bound environmentalists may find the wolf entertaining but to many animals this sight means fight, flight or die.

Case#         Date             location                         Wolf-Human/Animal     Wolf Behavior     Land Ownership


WSS-001  07-17-06     Big dry  US 180                seen from vehicle              traveling                   state

WSS-002  07-24-06  near catwalk picnic area   seen from vehicle               traveling            private property

WSS-003  07-21-06    Reserve                   seen from business,     2 wolves standing/looking              private property

WSS-004  08-06-06    FR 19                                 seen from vehicle      5 wolves traveling     private property

WSS-005  08-07-06    lower Reserve           wolf near horses   standing/looking at owner    private property

WSS-006  09-04-06    cold springs           wolf near cow/calf                    standing/looking          forest

WSS-007  09-06-06    near willow creek      seen from vehicle      stood looking 3-4 min.            forest

WSS-008  08-24-06    cold springs                    wolf scat                              wolf scat                     forest

WSS-009  09-23-06    south of Patterson   hunter saw 2 wolves                traveling                      forest

WSS-010  10-13-06    main street Luna    wolf in town at 9 am        near people/homes       private property

WSS-011  10-23-06     Alma resident, owner charged wolves with ¾”pipe,  2 wolves attacking pet dogs  private property

WSS-012  10-23-06    Alma residence    owner observed wolves       standing/looking          private property

WSS-013  10-25-06    Cruzville resident    owner observed  wolves    2 wolves traveling     private property

WSS-014  10-30-06    Cruzville resident        owner observed wolf        milling around behind home             forest

WSS-015  10-09-06    Cruzville resident    owner observed wolf      near barn                      private property

WSS-016  11-22-06 lower Frisco, wolf on SR435 in front of residence, traveled towards Reserve,   State & private property                     

WSS-017  11-26-06    south of Reserve        wolf near residence       wolf howling                 private property

WSS-018  11-29-06    SR12 SU canyon        seen from vehicle          wolf crossed road                state

WSS-019  11-29-06 Black Canyon, owner and pet dogs walking to house from barn wolf attacked dog  private property WSS-020  12-02-06  south of Reserve           wolf near residence       wolf howling     private property  WSS-021  12-13-06  north of Quemado        wolf tracks at residence   on property      private property WSS-022  12-19-06 Hay Vega  hunter on 4 wheeler confronted by wolf, walked towards rider-looking          forest

WSS-023  01-26-07  Rancho Grande Subdivision/US180   seen from vehicle            wolf near restaurant       state

WSS-024  01-26-07  Legget   lady riding horse confronted by wolf, stood looking-circled in front of rider     forest

WSS-025  01-30-07  Mule Creek                seen from vehicle          2 wolves standing/looking    forest

WSS-026  01-31-07 near Reserve  resident observed wolf near home  standing/looking     private property

WSS-027  02-09-07 Rancho Grande Subdivision   observed wolf at lower pond    hunting ducks                      forest

WSS-028  02-09-07  Lost Springs        son hunting encountered 2 wolves   traveling                  forest

WSS-029  02-11-07  SR12 mp 31 ½          seen from vehicle      collared wolf crossed road         forest   WSS-030  02-12-07 Escondia Bonita Subdivision  resident observed 3 wolves near her home, traveling          forest

WSS-031  02-28-07 Diamond Creek   wolves around hunting camp       ran off horses              forest

WSS-032  03-05-07  Horse Peak Subdivision  wolves seen and heard   traveling/howling   private property

WSS-033  04-02-07  wolf howling/barking at residence for 20 minutes                                private property

WSS-034  04-04-07  wolf eating a bone on lawn in front of restaurant, Rancho Grande    private property

WSS-035  04-04-07  wolf behind home in Rancho Grande Subdivision                                        forest

WSS-036  05-02-07  Railroad Canyon, 2 wolves less than 15 feet from home (1st incident private property

WSS-037  05-04-07 Taylor Creek, wolves on private property, dening less than 1/8 mi.    private property

WSS-038  05-09-07  Wolf on property near home                                                                   private property                                                                 

WSS-039  05-11-07  Apache Creek, 2 wolves within 20 feet of front porch                          private property    

WSS-040  05-12-07  Pleasanton, wolf next to hone in pasture                                                private property

WSS-041  05-17-07  Deadman springs, wolf pack (5+) on property near home                   private property

WSS-042  05-23-07  Two children encounter wolf walking home from school bus stop             forest

WSS-043  05-23-07 Railroad Canyon, 2 wolves less than 15 feet from home(2nd incident)private property

WSS-044  05-23-07  Apache Creek, wolf near property                                                                 forest

WSS-045  05-30-07 Railroad Canyon, 2 wolves less than 15 feet from home(3rd incident)private property

Is this the sight you want to see on a family outing? A hunting trip? Or like many in our rural areas, in your back yard?

WSS-046  06-07-07 Railroad Canyon, 2 wolves near home(4th incident)                             private property

WSS-047  06-11-07  wolf seen near Aragon                                                                       private property

WSS-048  06-14-07 Railroad Canyon, 2 wolves 30yds from home(5th incident)                  private property

WSS-049  06-23-07 2 wolves approach family within 50yards at camp trailer                    private property

WSS-050  06-24-07 wolf howling near home where two small children live                         county road

WSS-051  06-24-07  Railroad Canyon, 2 wolves at residence (6th incident)                          private property

WSS-052  06-25-07  Railroad  Canyon, 2 wolves at residence (7th incident)                         private property

WSS-053  06-27-07  Railroad Canyon, 2 wolves at residence  (8th incident)                         private property

WSS-054  07-01-07  Railroad Canyon, 2 wolves at residence  (9th incident)                         private property

WSS-055  07-09-07  wolf at campsite, 2 wolves howling                                                                 forest

WSS-056  07-09-07  wolf howling near home                                                                           private property

WSS-057  07-13-07  wolf howling near home                                                                           private property

WSS-058  07-14-07  Wolf seen crossing State highway                                                                  

Wolf Incidents on Private Property = 36

Information Reports:  (3)

Confidential investigations:  (3)                                                                                                                                                           

Recommendation to the Catron County Commission for action on the exclusion of wolf# 806 from the wolf program, due to the wolf exhibiting habituated, fearless behavior towards humans and human use areas.

 Note: Wolf #F924 is extremely habituated towards humans and human use areas. (biting incident)


Consideration for Removal request by county to USFWS. Put into captivity 11-17-06, re-released


Un-reported/no notice wolf incidents to county by USFWS: (2) Dogs attacked by wolf resulting in injury, (1) one of these dog attacks occurred with an 8 year old child next to the dog, investigated by USFWS, two dead calf remains removed from scene by IFT member, given to WS investigator at a later date.

Complaints received:

 Notification to ranchers of dead livestock located by IFT, GPS wolf locations are not made in a timely manner, complainant stated that 15 days lapsed before notification and the livestock remains were to far gone to make any confirmation of predation by wolves.

Residents with children complaining that the USFWS/IFT members are not notifying residents when wolves are at or near their homes. They fear for the safety of their children, pets, and animals.

Livestock owner complain that SOP 26 has only delayed the wolf location information as late as three days. When they check in the area where the wolf was and find dead livestock there are little remains left and the evidence is lost so there is no confirmation.


     Jess Carey, CWII                                                

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