Victory Strikes Again – The Urban Hunt
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Victory Strikes Again – The Urban Hunt

By Tom King – Bighorn Outdoors

Feb 25, 2010 – 10:05:45 AM

Sean Bogan, Bart Lawhorn and Tom King with Bart’s buck taken a few months back.

     You all might remember reading the article about Bart Lawhorn wacking an Ohio Giant with Bighorn Outdoors a few weeks back. Well as luck would have it, Bart’s Brother Jack struck gold with the Bighorn boys not a month later. Bart figured that if he could put an arrow in a giant after only one day of hunting, his dad and brother could more than likely take down a couple does.

The weather was freezing cold and we had about 6 inches of snow on the ground and a few more expected due to another front moving in. Sean Bogan, Bighorn Outdoors Hunt Manager, figured that Bart’s dad who is in his 70’s might need the protection offered by an old barn. Bart’s brother was game for sitting in a Rhino Blind and wiggling his toes for 3 hours. He didn’t expect to be sitting 10 yards from the Bighorn Truck.

If you think Bart was skeptical when we put him in a Lone Wolf stand 60 yards from an active Lumberyard, you should have seen the look on his face when we set the blind up darn near touching the truck and had his dad in an old barn. “I love hunting urban whitetail”.

It wasn’t long before deer started heading our way from just about every direction. The first was a group of does heading toward the barn. Sean and Jack only 70 yards up the hill from the barn could see the does and knew they would offer dad, Chester Lawhorn a shot. As they approached, the Barn Boys could see a 140″ ten point heading straight toward the Rhino Blind. With Sean and Jack’s view of the approaching buck blocked by the fence row, they had no idea they were about to be confronted by yet another Ohio Giant.

Once the buck was out of our view, Chester heard those famous words from Tom King, “I’m on em”. The does had fed to within 18 yards of the opening in the barn doors. The Victory X Bolt out of the Horton Crossbow disappeared behind the shoulder of the fattest doe. Bart who was in the top level of the barn hurried down to let us know he got the shot on video also and that the buck was following a doe right to his brother Jack. I grabbed the tripod and camera and hurried to the other end of the barn.

Father and son, Chester and Jack after a great day hunting.

I got there just as the buck’s doe stepped into the opening by the Rhino Blind. 20 yards behind her, still in the fence line was the big buck. As he committed to following the doe he presented Jack with a shot. Again the sound of a Horton Crossbow was heard as it launched it’s Victory X Bolt. The buck broke and headed straight toward the barn, the tell tail sign of red blood in the snow ensured it would be a quick death for the big buck.

By the time Bart, his dad Chester and I could walk out the back of the barn doors, Jack’s buck had expired. He fell a short 30 yards from the barn. “Did I mention I love hunting urban whitetails”?


The celebrating began as the sun started to set. Bart had taken his dad and his brother to another one of the Bighorn Honey Holes and got to watch them enjoy success like he did weeks before. The really cool thing was that Sean Bogan and myself got to be a part of the Lawhorn family’s best season ever. We got all three hunts on video and are now able to share it with the world on upcoming Bighorn Outdoors episodes on the Pursuit Channel.

Congratulations to everyone. It was another exciting whitetail hunt captured live.

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