Two Bucks Down in Nebraska
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Two Bucks Down in Nebraska

By Steven Banovic – Bohning Staff Shooter

Dec 8, 2009 – 4:52:46 AM

Blood Brothers celebrate a fruitful hunt.

I wanted to fill you in on my recent return from my short 6 day whirlwind Nebraska bowhunting trip. This was the only option I had available for this season after my long awaited 3 week Edmonton Alberta trip that I waited 3 years went down the drain. It appears the documentation that my guide was to submit to the F&G in August did not get dropped off. “O” Well, I made sure to push through like always and keep my faith as good thing always come to those who believe in their abilities and make their own luck. At that point I started my research for my new November bow hunting opportunity.


Rapidly switching gears and looking for a bow hunt or two to fill my unforeseen November complication, I was able to get in contact with a good friend that was traveling from Michigan into the corn husker state. Cory informed me that he would be able to take a short detour and pick me up at the Omaha airport. Arriving safely after changing multiple flights and having all my gear in hand, I knew this was going to be the beginning of a short but very memorable November adventure as this hunt would prove to be more then just Cory and I in the field together.


Prior to meeting Cory, he and his father Jerry were able to spend quality father and son time traveling to multiple location with bow in hand. Bow hunting was their weapon of choice only after Cory introduced his father to the sport of archery. At that time Cory’s father was not a archer let alone involved in any type of hunting activities. With Cory’s interest in archery, he was able to plant a seed that would soon prove to be what I can only say a true Blessing.


Jerry passed away short of a month of my first introduction with Cory 5 plus years ago. Cory stated his father was his one and only best friend and missed him dearly. Learning so much about his dad during many meals at work, archery tournaments, hunting conversations, and plans for future bow hunting trips together, I too wished I would have had my opportunity to spend time with Jerry. Cory commented multiple times he wished I would have been able to meet his father as we both had the exact passion for archery. Cory said all three of us would have enjoyed time together target shooting at Vegas along with time spent in the field. Understanding Cory’s love for the outdoors over the years, I am positive we would have enjoyed our fellowship.


With my busy schedule in the past few years, struggling economy and moving out of state to the SW. Cory and I stayed in touch on the phone but financially not able to commit to any out of state hunting trips together. With the both of us sharing a strong bond (bows in our hands) I stated to Cory when our chance comes for our hunting trip together his father would share our hunt together and be there in sprite. Feeling so confident in my faith I back my words up with a statement that both Cory and I would shoot our bucks on the exact same day! Jerry would be there in total control. After many failed attempts to put a hunt together with Cory I was very glad to finally meet him at the airport because the journey to our south central big buck location in the Corn husker state was set to play out.


With the weather hovering in the 70’s I could only pray for solid Rut action and that we would be in the perfect stand location to capitalize on any peek movement, my prayers were about to shortly be answered. Hunting as hard as possible on the ground we had gained permission to hunt together I found myself in a draw approximately 1 mile from Cory’s position. My day sitting on stand was like a normal Midwest experience. A few small bucks and a dozen does keeping my attention until the wind changed direction, once again time for stand repositioning. Removing the stand and elevating it in the new location directly down wind of this travel corridor, I would sit here and see how the day would play out.


11:00am approached and my first shooter of the week showed up in tow of a hot doe. Both deer traveling past me at a range of 40 yards. All I was able to see were the tops of their backs, necks and heads. These 2 deer ended up bedding upwind of me 75-85 yards. Feeling confident I knew the deer’s bedding location, I was content in my stand position and staying for the reminder of the day.

Realizing there was a major trail that was coming up from this bedding site, I felt confident these 2 deer would come out of the bedding area and walk past me at 27 yards in front of my stand. At exactly 2:34pm from the opposite direction of the bedded deer I heard a long, loud grunt coming for the cedar tree draw that I knew was from that of a mature whitetail buck. Pulling my grunt tube out of my pocket I blind called due to not seeing what animal made this sound. I blew 2 short grunts and immediately heard foot steps rapidly approaching my direction. The buck broke through the thick cedar trees and with amazement I saw what could be the 2nd largest buck I have ever noticed on hoof. I contemplated shot location, drew my bow, settled into my anchor position and stopped him with a grunt from my mouth. After releasing my arrow and hitting the mark, the large bodied whitetail took off on a short death run that ended him lying motionless 65 yards from my stand.

Cory with his Dad in his heart and the biggest buck ever on the ground.


Calling Cory on my cell I explained what just happened and that he should stay in his stand. Cory explained to me that his day was not going as good as mine. The land owner was using a bobcat to cut brush from the draw where his original stand was located. Moving from that stand Cory got into a stand that had the wind change for the worst. Descending from that stand Cory called me to confirm his selection to place himself into a stand we both talked about earlier in the week. 20 minutes later I received a call from Cory, he was in his stand and a doe had just rapidly walked under his stand breathing hard, mouth wide open and a signs of blood covering portions of her rump from the breading excitement just a short while ago. At that exact moment of getting off the phone I began speaking to Jerry and the Lord, I prayed that Cory would have a good buck walk past his stand in range so that we could close out the hunt that could only be planed by someone in a higher power.


Receiving a text at 5:46, less then 2 hours after my buck was on the ground, Cory TXT read (Just shot the biggest buck of my life!)  I replied seriously……call me ! ! ! Cory called and I could hear the uncontrollable emotions running through his voice (I wish my Dad was here) I said buddy your Dad is here with the two of us and he just made our hunt of a life time. Cory requested that I travel to his stand location so that we cold track his buck together. Running most of the way to meet with Cory we hugged and thanked the 2 powers in charge. I once again told Cory ‘Your Dad made this happen and there is no other explanation’.

Author with his great Nebraska buck.


I am so glad to report Cory and I both ended up harvesting our bucks on the exact same day as I predicted years ago. I shot my massive bodied 4×5 at a distance of 27 yards 2:35pm in the afternoon, Then Cory shot the largest buck of his hunting career with a wonderful 5×5 @ 15 yards a mere 2 hours later. How can anyone deny that Jerry was not in control the whole time?

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