The Lady Bowhunts for African Elephant – Pt 6
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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The Lady Bowhunts for African Elephant – Pt 6

By Teressa Groenewald

Oct 9, 2007 – 11:29:12 AM

May 16

After yesterday, we decided to hunt the Ume River valley again to see if we could get into some of the bulls we’d seen earlier in the week.  The ride was short compared to yesterday, but the sun was the hottest yet.  Mike and Joyce climbed up a lookout point to see if they could locate any of the bulls that belonged to the tracks we had found.  They did and radioed the direction.  We walked along the edge of the valley to try and gain the wind, but it was swirling badly.  There was no easy way to get close without them scenting us.  Even though it was still early, the elephants were resting under the shade of some trees to escape the hot sun.  Try as we did, we just couldn’t get in on them.

Back to the Ume River where we had gotten in elephant before.

After five attempts, we headed for the shade ourselves.  Just after we had gotten out of the sun the elephants stampeded off, spooked by something.  Dudley thinks it was probably poachers.  We hiked back to the truck to have some lunch and rest up a bit.   Mike and Joyce had spotted where the elephants ran off.  Off we went.  Doc, Mike, Joyce, Nikki, and the skinners all stayed back at the truck to try and minimize the amount of scent that was coming from us.  It was only Dudley, Ed, Guttus and myself hunting for the afternoon. 

We got into the elephant several times, but the vultures hanging around the carcass left from another rifle hunter in camp (Nick, and Nick from Jersey) kept squawking as we crept through the bush and spooked the elephant.  It was frustrating.  I thought about shooting a couple of vultures to get even. 

Dr.Gibson, our 5th porter and a life saver for me.

While stalking, we found two dead impala in snares that had been there quite a while.  One had already decayed.  Dudley was telling us a few days before we got there they had to kill an elephant that had its trunk caught in a snare.  After seeing the wasted animals, I wanted to go poacher hunting.  Unfortunately, it’s not legal.

Dudley thinks we should hunt the Sanyati River tomorrow.  It will be a four hour drive, so we’ll have to get up extra early.


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