Ricky Burnett – First Elk Hunt



Ricky Burnett – First Elk Hunt

By Robert Hoague

Sep 25, 2008 – 6:37:31 AM


We arrived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada on Monday September, 8 at about 12:30 p.m. We met with our guides
Kirk and Reid from Bull Rax Ranch at Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan. 
They took us to the lodge where we would be staying.  We unloaded
our stuff and met the staff and established a game plane.  We decided
to go and hunt the last of the evening and to see what happened.

Kirk and I went to a big meadow
and did some bugling and cow calling.  Two nice
bulls come into the meadow.  Then we saw a bull come out of a Willow
thicket with palmation on his right side. 

I told Kirk I wanted
to try to get that bull. He answered, ?come on I think I know where he
is going.? 

We took out thru the woods and set up about 15 yards
off a main elk trail. It was the right decision.

About ten minutes
later we spotted the bull thru the Aspen trees, walking in  our direction. He made his way
about 15 yards from us … and spotted us.  We had a stare down
contest for about 20 minutes.  The bull just could not figure out
what we were and finally busted out.  We left out and met up with
the other guys and made went back to the lodge.

Before daylight the next morning Kirk and I
went back to the same place.  Ten minutes after daylight we had
5 bulls in the meadow. They bugled and started fighting
and put on quite a show. 

The bull I was after showed up and ran
off some of the smaller bulls. Then the bulls spooked for some
reason and ran into the brush.  Kirk told me that he thought
the bulls would go to the same place as yesterday.

We busted thru the
woods and got back to the same trail as earlier.  Three bulls
came in behind us, so we didn?t know which bull was what.  Kirk
gave me thumbs up that the 1st bull on the trail was the

The palmated bull ran up and stopped — looking
in the woods in the direction where we were the day before. 
He kept looking and looking right where we had been yesterday. Finally he started walking on down the trail and I was able to shoot
him at 13 yards. 

Ricky Burnett with his Saskatchewan elk. He used a BowTech bow and Grin Reaper broadheads.

Man, this was my 1st elk hunt and
it was great.  Canada is some beautiful country and excellent hunting. 
I?m already ready for next year.  The guides and the ranch were
great and the food at the lodge was great.  My bull scored 362
6/8?, not bad for my 1st bull.

Ricky Burnett


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