Poor Man’s Deer Scent Research



Poor Man’s Deer Scent Research

By An Addicted Whitetail Hunter

Oct 19, 2009 – 6:43:18 AM


I had the opportunity to talk to a fellow hunter about deer scents about two years ago.  I meet him while working out at a Health Club.  We were talking about what we both did to attract deer being that we were both tree stand hunters.  He told me a story that changed what I use for deer scents. 

He and his hunting buddies decided to test some deer scents in his back yard.  He lived out in a wood lot out of town in Minnesota.  They threw some money together and bought five different doe in estrous scents from the most popular companies.  He put wicks out on some fence line posts at the back of the property where he could keep an eye on what the bucks did.  He said his results were pretty surprising.  He thought he knew what bucks he had on his property but found out in pre rut there were some big boys he had never seen before.  The little research project produced the results he was really looking for, what seemed to get the most attention from the deer.  


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The Mrs. Doe Pee was at least a 10-1 favorite by the bucks.  Even if they started to smell one of the others they left it and went to the Mrs. Doe Pee.  They would take some long sniffs and then start to look around and then come right back to it.  He also thought ‘well maybe they just go or travel to a certain area or path’.  So he said he moved the scents around for a few days at a time and they just went right to the Mrs. Doe Pee.  Same ratio of results and pattern no matter where he put the Mrs. Doe Pee they went to it.  All his buddies have switched to Mrs. Doe Pee and they are very happy with the results especially in the pre rut.

I decided to use it on my trips and have since become a major believer in a drag line starting  as far as I can from my stand.  What I have noticed is when the bucks come in they are nose to the ground and focused on the deer scent , it works.  I hunt Saskatchewan and you see a lot of bucks.  I would hunt the same stand for three days in a row so I moved the wick around in my stand area.  When the bucks came in they went right to where the wick with Mrs. Doe Pee was as they came in to the bait pile. I have mixed results with other scents so I would never say they don’t work just that they really seem to like whatever is in this product.  I  am sure lucky that fellow hunter and I struck up that conversation at the Health Club. 

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