Oneida Bows – Shooting Excellance
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Oneida Bows – Shooting Excellance

By Roger Lee

Oct 15, 2007 – 9:40:20 AM

    Oneida Eagle has been producing bows since the early 1980’s. When the first Oneida bows came out, they quickly became a favorite among diehard bowhunters. They were fast, smooth, and had a unique cam system that separated them from the rest of the pack. Over the years, the company has had several ups and downs.  In 2000, Claude Pollington of Michigan, one of the top Oneida dealers in the country, purchased the company with two goals in mind: turn the company around and show bowhunters why Oneida is such an amazing bow.  (Oneida Eagle)

    Similar to the early eighties, the Oneida bow is still a mechanical marvel.  Once bowhunters get accustomed to how they work, few hunters who own them ever switch to any other kind of bow.  “To some people, the Oneida bow looks extremely complicated and hard to work on.  The truth is they are easy to tune and shoot.  Customers come into my store who are shooting the same bow they were shooting a decade ago.  They still love their Oneida,” Pollington explained.

The Black Eagle. Smooth, fast, unique shooter that combines the graceful beauty of a recurve with the advanced technology and design engineering of today’s fastest compounds.

    The unique outboard limb system on Oneida bows is made of a composite glass material produced by Gordon Glass, one of the top bow limb manufacturers in the industry. Each pair of limbs on an Oneida bow is balanced and matched as a pair when installed. The limb system on Oneida bows is one of a kind.  Testing shows that the limbs on the Oneida store an incredible amount of energy and produce as much speed as most bows on the market.

     One of the biggest advantages of Oneida bows is the timing system. While most bows have cams and strings that stretch and eventually need to be re-tuned, Oneida cams are not on the limbs.  They are on the riser and are connected via a cable that cannot stretch.  The bow rarely has timing issues.  The cams on the Oneida are extremely easy to tune and rarely have timing issues.

    An excellent feature of the Oneida bow is the amount if speed you get out of the bow with less draw weight. Since the cam and cables are aligned perfectly on the riser, the arrow is launched perfectly each time with very little tail kick or oscillation in flight. Tail kick and oscillation eat up speed. These problems are eliminated with the Oneida, so you get more speed with less draw weight.  A 60 pound bow can shoot an arrow over 300 feet per second.   

    Oneida produces bow fishing bows that are perfect for bowfishing. Claude Pollington makes an archery sight called the Pollington Pro-Sight. This red dot sight is extremely accurate with a red dot that can be adjusted to be extremely bright or dim. The sight is a tube that is the same shape as the human eye so the eye naturally aligns with the sight when aiming. Most archers who use the sight keep both eyes open. The sight eliminates the need for a peep sight, but is as accurate as a bow equipped with a peep sight.

    Claude Pollington is constantly upgrading his line of archery products.  He is continuously striving to produce bows that are easy to use and extremely accurate.  I will interview Claude in the next few months about his company and whitetail expertise. Stay tuned to learn more about an amazing line of technologically advanced bows and the man behind them.

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