My Iowa Buck


My Iowa Buck

By Dale Voice – Bohning Company

Dec 1, 2009 – 5:39:23 AM


Author with his Iowa buck.

My trip to
this year actually began back in 2007.  I
had talked to several people about

and while everyone had high opinions of the hunting out there, they all
indicated it was tough to draw a non-resident tag without some preference
points.  So in 2007 and 2008 I applied

preference points even though I didn’t have a specific hunt in mind.  That changed late in 2008 when I spoke to
Walt Seville, a long time friend that happened to also be Bohning sales rep.  Walt had been to

Iowa a few years before and suggested we set
something up together for 2009.  When
everything finally came together, we had Johnny Grace and Guy Rowzie of Parker
Bows along with Walt and me all with enough points to get drawn in 2009.


Walt and I met out in


Iowa on Nov. 5th and
after talking to our outfitter, Paul Fountain, (Fountain Outfitters) we got
busy scouting and hanging stands.   Guy
and Johnny came in Saturday, Nov. 7th and finished up the stands for


The weather was unseasonably warm but the rut was on and we
all saw bucks from the get go.  In some
cases we saw good shooter bucks but as with bow hunting, there was always some
thing preventing the shot.  Too far, too
much brush, bad angle, etc.  Finally on
Weds, Nov. 11th, guy scored with a big 8 pt and Johnny scored
Thursday morning with a nice 9 pt. 


I had made the decision to hunt all day on Thursday, Nov. 12th
which was also my youngest son’s birthday. 
I felt that would be a good day to take an

Iowa buck but the morning proved dead.  After a short break for lunch, I was sitting
in my tree trying to stay awake in the warm sun when some movement off to my
left caught my eye. 

I rose to my feet
slowly and focused my binoculars on a nice 8 pt. with a tall rack glistening in
the sun.  He appeared to be headed down a
runway that would bring him within 15 yds of my stand.  As I stood there waiting, in typical buck
fashion he suddenly stopped and was trying to wind me.  He was standing behind two trees and took
forever to decide his next move.  As I
waited, he started to turn back up the ridge, quartering away from me.  I came to full draw, stopped him with a ‘baaa’ and sent a Rage Broadhead through his heart at 28 yds. 


Dale watched him fall but it was a thrill to walk up and claim his buck.

Since I had figured him at just a little over 20 yds, I was
lucky to catch the heart as I almost shot under him!  He ran about 40 yds up the hill and I watched
him fall just short of the corn field. 
What a thrill.


All smiles, Dale hoists a heavy rack.

We ended up with 3 bucks for 4 guys and if Walt was not so
particular, it could easily have been 4 for 4. 
A great trip with some great guys and enough good memories to last until
I can acquire another 2 or 3 preference points.

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