Magnum Hunt Club – Where the Adventure Begins


Magnum Hunt Club – Where the Adventure Begins

By Jana Waller

Apr 20, 2009 – 4:37:10 AM


Magnum Hunt Club

Where the Adventure Begins

     I’ve been described by friends and family as being ‘obsessed’ with bowhunting.  Being an avid archer of Wisconsin whitetail for over 16 years, many have noticed my interest develop into a full blown passion.  There is no place I’d rather be than in the beautiful woods of Wisconsin, but recently my curiosity for different hunting adventures  has been brewing.  Like many hunters who want to broaden their horizons, my first thought was “where do I begin?”  The answer came to me in an email from a mutual hunter and friend ? “The Magnum Hunt Club”.    

Member Diane went to MT for this pronghorn.

     Founded in May of 2005, The Magnum Hunt Club was created for adventure-seeking hunting enthusiasts who could benefit from the knowledge and experience of the club’s creators.  The three founders are outfitters and hunting consultants with over 75 years of combined experience.  “The purpose behind creating the Magnum Hunt Club was to help the big game hunter easily plan their dream adventure hunt”, stated MHC President James Brion.  The MHC staff includes 15 of the industry’s leading producers, field directors, cinematographers, tag consultants and editors who scour the globe in search of amazing hunting locations and record book trophy game.    From antelope to zebra, with the use of over 350 different outfitters, MHC can turn dream hunts into reality.  


Magnum Hunt Club members like this one can save thousands and still get top shelf hunts.

  The first thing that impressed me about the Magnum Hunt Club was the low membership cost.  The $100 annual fee includes 6 award winning Magnum Action Video Series DVDs which are delivered to your door every other month during your membership year.  The average hunting video costs $20 or more, making the 6 DVDs worth the membership fee alone.  With more hours logged watching hunting videos than I care to admit, I found the Magnum Action Series unlike any other.  The breath taking scenery mixed with great campfire story- telling make these videos more than just a “Whack ’em and Stack ’em” type show.   When combining the knowledge of experienced outfitters with the emotions of a trophy hunter and throw in award winning cinematography among breath-taking landscapes you’ll get the feeling that you are IN THE HUNT.

A lifelong dream for member Jane came true when she took this Cougar.

     Surprisingly, the 6 DVDs may not be the number one benefit of becoming a club member. Every member also has access to a web list of cancellation/discounted hunts.  Members receive instant notification via email of new cancellation postings.  Hundreds of incredible hunts are offered each year at hundreds, even thousands, off the regular price.  According to Brion, “We feel the cancellation list is the number one reason people join the MHC and it definitely contributes to our high membership renewal rate.”  

Lisa and husband Garrett used their membership to drop this Merrium Turkey in NE.

     And if that’s not reason enough to become a member then the 6 FREE hunts they give away annually may seal the deal.  MHC members are automatically entered into 6 hunt giveaways, one every other month to exciting destinations for hunting bear, caribou, elk, whitetail and more. Some of the winners will have their hunt filmed by award- winning videographers to be used in video production or the Magnum TV show series.  Members are also entered into a year-end sweepstakes where a lucky winner will walk away with a custom Nosler 48 rifle, Leupold scope and Americase hard case valued at $3500.  And for those hunters who like to play the draw game, there is a member’s only section on the website for your one stop shop for clickable links to state forms, statistics and regulations.  Or if you’re not interested in doing the paperwork involved in some complex hunts, you are invited to use their new application processing service.  


Gary Joseph bagged this #10 P&Y Brown Bear in Alaska.

   Days after becoming a member, a packet will appear at your doorstep with a colored catalog of worldwide hunting and fishing adventures.   A review of the catalog and a quick call to one of  MHC’s hunting consultants and you’ll making that bucket-list hunt a reality.  From Africa to New Zealand, the Magnum Hunt Club can make it happen.     So what are  you waiting for? 
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