Honey Creek Outdoor Camera Arm



Honey Creek Outdoor Camera Arm

By Jana Waller

Feb 10, 2010 – 8:33:41 AM


There is a fairly new trend in the world of hunting that is undeniable… the desire to film our hunts and capture the adrenaline pounding moments that only a hunter can appreciate.  The titanic wave of interest has branched from the Professional hunter and TV host to the everyday joe (or jane) who wants to seize that hunt in time to not only relive, but share with fellow hunters.  It’s obvious by the ever increasing volume of hunting shows that there is an audience vicariously craving the adventure and thrill of the hunt.  But gone are the days of only watching hunting shows on Saturday afternoons.  With almost 50% of all households owning a video camera these days, capturing the excitement ones experiences while hunting from a treestand is becoming commonplace.

The HCO Camera Arm is great for ground or treestand hunting.

Notable economist Ludwig von Mises once stated, “Innovation is the whim of an elite before it becomes a need of the public”.   Thanks to a young entrepreneur from Iowa,  hunters will now have more choices when it comes to filming their adventures . Brandon Vileta, a 20 year old ahead of his time,  started filming his hunts when he was 14 but couldn’t find a  camera arm that fit all of his needs.  “I wasn’t happy with the movement of the arms that I bought  early on.  If you can’t get the stability of a tripod from the tree with smooth flexibility and range, then what’s the point?”   Vileta claimed.  “There wasn’t anything on the market that had everything I wanted in a camera arm that didn’t break the bank.” added Vileta.  At the age of 16, Brandon started designing and constructing camera arms in his Dad’s taxidermy studio in Des Plaines, Iowa.  “My buddies and I would put my camera arms to the test in the field until I was completely happy with it’s performance.” stated Vileta. (On the web at Honey Creek Outdoors )

Director of Photography Jim Kinsey uses the HCO arm while filming ‘The Zone’ which airs on Sportsman Channel June 2010.

 With years spent behind the welding mask along with the help and support of his immediate family, Brandon created the Honey Creek Outdoors (HCO) Camera Arm series.  Depending on the type of camera being used and the amount of money customers want to spend, there are three separate models that HCO offers. 

The HCO arm works great with or without a camerman.

The most popular model, ‘The Elite’, is constructed of aluminum but has the strength to support a 15 lb. professional camera and currently sells for $239.99.  According to Vileta, “We want to be known in the hunting industry as the place to go for camera arms.  We are a new, young company but are excited about the speed in which we’re growing and the position we hope to hold in the industry.”  Honey Creek Outdoors will be attending many of the industry shows this year in hopes of introducing their products to the mainstream public.   “We have a lot of exciting things happening in 2010. We plan to unveil a new camera arm called the ‘Pro Series’ that the hunting industry has never seen before!”  exclaimed  Vileta.  For more information on HCO or to order your camera arm go to: Honey Creek Outdoors


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