Green Dot Changing Hunting Industry


Green Dot Changing Hunting Industry

By Todd Coppernoll

Mar 14, 2008 – 9:18:40 AM


In recent months, BradBow has been on a thrill ride that has twisted and turned faster than a politician at an election-year fundraiser.   

This young bow sight company has entered the marketplace with a new idea so fresh, and so logical, even the most seasoned of hunters are switching from the old technologies they’ve always known, to the new sights with the illuminating dot right on the lens.  This patented new approach has provided hunters with the most effective, and the most efficient, easy-to-use sights on the market.

The Stopping Point.

The advantages are numerous, while also being based in sound logic, and common sense?

  1. No pins required – no obstructions to deal with.
  2. No batteries needed – no chance of a dead battery when you’re miles from nowhere.
  3. The dot on the lens illuminates with exposure to sunlight or a flashlight, giving a clear, distinct target – even in low light situations.
  4. Sights can be used as a pendulum, or in a fixed position – effective whether you hunt from ground level, or from an elevated stand.

The DOTinator

BradBow has provided hunters with a seamless blend of technology and simplicity.  When that monster buck finally shows himself, BradBow allows a hunter to relax, and reduce the entire thought process to one simple point of focus?just line up the shot, and “Shoot the Dot.?”  

Co-founders Brian Bowen and Keith Bradley have been somewhat taken aback by BradBow’s rapid growth.  When reached for comment, Bowen stated, “Things have just been wild since the ATA show.  Kinsey’s picked us up, Pape’s picked us up, we’ve got chain store managers and independent dealers calling every day, wanting us to get sights out to them right away.  It’s really been something, we thought we had a good idea, but even so, I don’t think we realized how fast our sights would catch on.  We’re filling orders all over the US, and now we’re being picked up in Europe, too.  I just got an email from a dealer in Denmark, telling me the sights are a hit over there.  Every time an individual hunter, or a dealer calls to tell us they really love the sights, I just grin from ear to ear.  I’m just so thankful, Keith and I are fulfilling a dream with this company.”

For further product information, please visit, or to speak with co-founder Brian Bowen, please call 800-787-2685.


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