Eliminating Scent with Enzymes

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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Eliminating Scent with Enzymes

By Kristin Carpenter

Aug 6, 2007 – 8:54:13 AM

Most everyone is concerned about what goes into his or her body, but when it comes to what we put on our bodies we sometimes seem less concerned.  When was the last time you took notice of the “active ingredients” in your scent management product?  

Three years ago, a little know company exploded onto the hunting scene with a totally new concept in scent management, “PREVENTION”.  Sounds simple enough, right?  So, why weren’t any other companies capitalizing on this yet?  To answer that question, Dead Down Wind had to go behind the scenes and dig deeper into the heart of the scent management business?way deeper.  They took a scary look at the highly concealed and often not mentioned “active ingredients” of the products that were already on the market.

In order to prevent human odor, you have to go to the source, human bacteria.  This type of bacteria is present in one location only:  human skin, and big game know it.  Here in lies the problem:  to kill these bacteria, most major manufacturers use various types of biocides as their active ingredient.  Biocide is a fancy name for a pesticide or heavy metal.  While these ingredients can be effective in killing bacteria, they can also be quite harmful to humans, not to mention the devastating effects they can have on the environment.  For this reason, most products on the market today instruct you to avoid using them on human skin.  Which, remember, is the source of human odor.  How can we manage our scent when we can’t even get to the source?

In 2004, Dead Down Wind developed a totally different logic.  By focusing first on the human body, and then the clothing, they created a system that completely prevents scent.  By engineering a strand of enzymes that break down the protein bond in human bacteria molecules, Dead Down Wind was able to prevent the bacteria from ever forming.  The end result is the prevention of bacteria on the skin.  Because many different types of enzymes are already present on virtually every part of the human body, putting Dead Down Wind products directly on the skin (shampoo, bar soap, body foam, field wipes, body lotion) or in the mouth (toothpaste, mouth spray, etc.) is not a concern.  In fact, the human body already houses enzymes in the stomach and digestive tract that aid in the digestion of food.  As for the environment, enzymes are a completely, all-natural occurring organism; once exposed to air they last for hours, not millennia.

After solving the human skin puzzle, Dead Down Wind focused on the clothes.  Because clothes come in contact with many different types of contaminants (both physical and airborne), it was imperative that they come up with a solution to a broad spectrum of potential contaminants.  What resulted was the bio-engineering of three different groups of enzymes, each focused on an individual core contaminant component.

The first group is an organic spectrum enzyme that break down contaminants such as food, pet dander, bacteria and such.  The second group are carbon spectrum enzymes that break down contaminants like campfire smoke, auto exhaust and cigarette smoke.  It is important to note that this second enzyme is attacking carbon at a molecular level. In fact, this enzyme is one of the core ingredients in a new product Dead Down Wind is currently developing for cleaning carbon-based clothing.

The third group’s job is to wipe out petrochemical contaminants and odors.  This target list is longer than you might think.  It not only includes pollutants from motorized vehicles and implements, but also covers an impressive amount of manufactured goods that have hydro-petrol as a main ingredient.  Hydro-Petrol emits a distinctive odor and without the protection of the third group of enzymes, your chances of reaching the field undetected would be slim to none. 

The result of a multi-tiered approach to scent management has allowed Dead Down Wind to not only develop a full line of personal hygiene hunting products, but a full line of clothing maintenance products as well.  The 2007 line of products includes, for the body: Body and Hair Soap, Bar Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner, Body Foam, Antiperspirant, Lotion, Powder, Field Wash Cloths, Toothpaste, Mouth Spray, and Lip Balm; and for your clothing:  Field Spray, Dryer Sheets, and Laundry Detergent.  Also new for 2007 is a line of products created especially for female hunters called “Huntress”.  Products for Huntress include Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Antiperspirant, Hair Gel, Body Lotion, two shades of Tinted Moisturizer, and two shades of Tinted Lip Balm.

In three short years, Dead Down Wind has climbed its way to the top of the scent prevention market.  It’s not only the number one scent prevention product on the market; it’s also safe for you and the environment.  So, go ahead, read the ingredients.  Dead Down Wind has nothing to hide but your scent.

For complete infor go to: Dead Down Wind 


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