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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Deer Control Hunting Culling the Herd

By Greg Krause

Jul 6, 2009 – 6:18:08 AM

Author with one doe down and out.

Oct 20, 2008, 10:50am

Well this week has been pretty crazy. On wed we started hunting the control hunt property. The morning was real slow with no movement until 9am or so. I had a doe and her skip come into me. I shot the doe that was slightly quartering to me. I shot down through her shoulder, through the spine, into the chest cavity and the NAP Spitfire broadhead was just starting to break through the offside ribs. Needless to say she dropped on the spot. The skipper started to circle around her to see what happened and I ran another Spitfire through her heart! I went down and recovered the 2 deer and my arrows. I was using Firenocks so not only could I pin point my shot but arrow recovery  was easy. What really surprised me was that the arrow I shot the doe with was broken clean in half and the back side was 10yds from her. with the nock still lit. Even with all that trashing and damage to the arrow the nock was still fine.

Thursday I sat the same property but a different stand. A little open travel area tucked way back into the heavy brush. At first light a doe cam in 20yds to my right and almost level on the hill with me. I drew and placed my pin on her heart. The Firenock once again lit up and showed a perfect hit! She stumbled and ran 40yds before piling up in a big pile. A few minutes later another doe came out of the thicket 20yds below me on the hill. I put my pin on her chest and released. Immediately at the sound of the shot she dropped and the arrow sailed harmlessly over her back. Like a bottle rocket she shot out to 30yds and then stopped to look around. I drew back again and aimed just below her chest anticipating another drop. This time she never moved and my Firenock arrow just missed the bottom of her chest. Now I was pissed.

She walked into the brush and spent the next 20 minutes standing there and looking back. She finally decided to try and circle down wind to see what was going on. She made her way up the hill checking the wind every step. As she stepped into an open lane broadside, a spike and Button Buck came out below her and got her attention. I used this opportunity to draw and settle my 30yd pin on her heart. This time the shot was perfect and she ran less than 50yds before she crashed.

With Firenock on your arrow it’s easy to see where you hit and where to find your arrow.

I looked down and the spike was looking in her direction, 20yds from me and broadside. I made a perfect shot on him and he piled up right next to her. I took a breath and sat down. It looked like Christmas with all the red lights around me! 5 arrows worth.  Well actually I couldn’t find my arrow from the first doe I shot and assumed the nock had broken and was not lit so I gave up looking and got to work. I dressed and dragged all the deer up to the road and got Ray to help me load them. It wasn’t until I got to the butchers that I saw a glow from inside the chest of the 1st doe. The back half of my arrow was lodged along the ribs and the Firenock was still lit. Unbelievable! Even after the shot, the impact and then being covered in blood inside and out it was still lit.  I tapped it on the tailgate and it shot right off, just like it should.

 Nov 3, 2008, 2:09pm

Over the years I have used quite a few lighted nocks and all of them worked to some degree sometimes. Eventually though I gave up on them because they were too expensive to just work “sometimes”.  Last year I was convinced to try Firenocks after talking with Firenock owner Dorge O’Huang.  Even though they were more expensive than the others I had tried I figured I would at least give it a try.

Culling the herd makes for healthier herds. Using Firenock makes for greater shot visibility.

I really liked them and they worked well, but I wasn’t a fan of having to glue a magnet to my rest to get them to lit up. This year I decide to try the new Firenocks, they activate with the force of the shot. These things are absolutely the best on the market.  I like them so much I even bought some for my longbow and they work great too. So far I have taken 4 deer and a fox with one nock and 3 deer with another. They still work great even after hitting heavy bone (twice) that broke my arrow in half, the nock never even flickered. I just wash off the arrows or pull the nock and throw it on a new one. I never had that much use out of other brands. Two of my buddies have now switched over to Firenocks too because of how tough and reliable they have been for me.  Bottom line, if everything worked like they tell you, you are always money and satisfaction ahead by buying the best.

For more go to: Firenocks


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