Colorful Bear Hunt – Day 4
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Colorful Bear Hunt – Day 4

By Randy R. Mabe

Jul 31, 2007 – 7:19:11 AM

After breakfast, Cody wanted to give me a ride around some of the beautiful country. The mountains still carry snow on their tops while the hillsides and valleys have flowers blooming in blues and yellows. It is pristine yet wild country. We look at elk feeding in the distance and talk about mountain lion hunts Cody does in the winter months. It is one breath taking ride.

Cody loading up the Artic Cat.

We enjoy a lunch back at the lodge that includes Mexican style burritos, tacos and refried beans. Sue and Dena continue to spoil us with delicious food.

After lunch we talked about the bear hunting success that Keating Outfitters enjoys and why. Cody seldom hunts mornings because he has found that human scent travels up the mountains in the mornings, leading to bears winding the hunters and disappearing, sometimes never to return. Although some hunters get “antsy” to hunt more hours, Cody convinces them that his near 100% success comes from playing it safe. Hunting only the last 2 1/2 to 3 hours of daylight has proven to be the most productive, especially on big, mature bears. I certainly had to agree since I had seen multiple bears each evening thus far. Cody had also shown me some real dandy size bears taken by other hunters in his picture album.

There’s no excuse for not being well prepared with your bow. The afternoons are perfect for practicing and going over your gear before hunting time.

This is one breathtaking area to hunt.

6:30 PM This hunt took place in a gorgeous area approximately 3 miles from any road back in the wilderness. We rode 4 wheelers about 2 miles then hiked in the last mile. The country was beautiful with our hike running parallel with a wide fast flowing mountain stream. When we reached the bait sight there was a huge bear track imprinted on the bank of the stream. We were both excited about this hunt.

We happened on this moose watching us from a marsh.

Climbing up to the double occupancy treestand located in a large Ponderosa pine, we settled in for the evening hunt. Twenty minutes later something that looked like black mud began to rain down on top of us. My first thought was that a large bird like an eagle or something must have been building a nest above us using creek mud. But when I looked up was I ever surprised!

Fifteen feet above us was a young bear spread across a couple a big limbs!! He had dropped a “bomb” on us, I guess trying to encourage us to leave! We laughed and filmed the messy moment along with the bear above us, then continued to hunt. But, I guess we made too much noise laughing and wiping our camo clean, because we didn’t see another bear that evening! It was an “all round first” for both of us!

Back at the lodge we enjoyed our supper then told the rest of the family about the unusual hunt. Everyone got a big laugh when watching the video!


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