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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Dec 7, 2009 – 12:26:16 PM

Everyone Kills Animals™        


Dr Dave Samuel®

I?ve had it asked of me several times.  ?Why do you kill those innocent animals?  Why don?t use just leave them alone?  They aren?t hurting you.?  If such questions come from someone who I know doesn?t want to hear an answer, then I don?t give one.  I just move on and spend my time on something more productive.  If it was asked in a haughty way, then I respond by asking, ?why do you kill innocent animals??  Once that answer is given, you can expect a strong glare, and the comment that they are vegetarians or vegans, so they do not kill innocent animals.  Hmmm.  Let?s give this some thought.  

If deer, bears or Canada geese were living in a world with no humans, then maybe vegans weren?t killing animals.  Maybe then this ideal idea that we should ?let Nature take care of her own? might have validity.  Let the predators do their thing, and let nature ?take care? of her own.  (Me thinks that even the most stalwart anti-hunter would be very upset watching wolves ?take care? of deer or elk, or whatever.  Or owls eating a rabbit.  Or lions taking down an impala.  Or an eagle chewing on a lamb while it is still alive.  Puts a whole new perspective on ?taking care of her own?).  

The reality is that nature doesn?t exist in a vacuum.  We?ve got millions of people, millions of miles of roads, millions of acres of farmed land, thousands of Walmarts, Targets, McDonalds, etc.  We?ve got cities, schools, malls, town houses, hospitals, golf courses, airports, . . . and they all impinge on wildlife.  If you use any of the above, and everyone does, even vegans, then you are indirectly responsible for the death of animals.  You may not like that, but it?s true anyway.  There is no way around it.  In the system listed above, there is no way for nature to ?take care of her own.?  Nature doesn?t understand all of the above.

Yes, we all are responsible for the death of animals, in one way or another.  Hunters are pretty direct about such death.  We take responsibility for it, we do it.  We struggle with it, and it isn?t the end all of our hunting activities, but it is a goal.  One of our goals.  With what we do, there is a ton of responsibility; to the animal, to other hunters, and to ourselves.  Some hunters don?t get it.  They think the kill is everything.  Most hunters do get it.  They know the hunt is everything.  

But back to the vegans for a minute.  I think they really believe that because they do not eat any meat or animal derivatives, they are not responsible for the death of animals.  Where do they think all those vegetables come from?  Those huge California vegetable farms were once productive wildlife habitat.  Chemicals sprayed on those vegetables to deter insect damage, really aren?t good for birds, or other wildlife.  All vegans drive on roads, go to Walmart, fly in planes, go to Disney World, etc, etc, etc.  Where do they think the gas comes from that they use in their cars?  Animals died so that we can use gas.  We try to keep all the above to a minimum, and we have laws and regulations to insure that.  But, some animals die so that we all can live.  This happens whether you eat animals or not.  

Every public school student that stops eating meat or other animal products because they don?t want to be responsible for the death of animals, should read the above.  They are smart kids, and they should be able to follow the dots, if someone shows them the dots.  There will always be vegans and vegetarians of all ages, who don?t want to know the above.  And therein is the shame of it all.  

You can hide from such responsibility if you want, but just don?t dump your shallow value system on me.  And for goodness sake, please don?t ask me why I kill ?innocent? animals.  If you do, I?ll ask you the same question.  I?ve got an answer . . . for food and because I enjoy hunting.  What?s yours?


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