Bear With a Crossbow


Bear With a Crossbow

By Jack Milligan- Cumberland, Ohio

Oct 15, 2007 – 8:29:08 AM


On January 19, 2007 I had my first opportunity to handle and shoot TenPoint’s new Phantom CLS.  I had heard rumors that TenPoint was going to introduce an amazing new crossbow, but I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen to the crossbow and my psyche! (TenPoint Crossbows)

After just two shots, I was hooked and I knew that I couldn’t go to the woods without a Phantom in my hands.  My wife and I had a talk and she loaned me what I needed, then I ordered my Phantom CLS. 

New Phantom CLS from Ten Point.

Two days later I received my new Phantom.  After reading the Owner’s Manual and assembling the crossbow, I then headed off to the practice bale.  After two shots at thirty yards I was dead center.  Many, many practice shots later, I was ready for the bear woods!

My friends Jimmy Ross, his son Jimmy, his brother Larry and I then headed northeast to Quebec, Canada to hunt with bear guide Paul Bertrand of Magnum Outfitters.  We were hunting over active baits and seeing bear.  Jim, Jimmy and Larry all tagged out on the same evening.  Three down, one to go!

Day six found me watching a young bear going through the bait and giving me several shot opportunities but I chose to pass on this one.  This was the fourth small bear I had passed up this week, although the sign all around the bait told me that a larger bear was definitely in the area.  

Patience finally paid off forty minutes later.  With Phantom in hand, I felt the giant with the large tracks would soon be mine.  Only minutes later it happened – the 305 pound, 19″ (green score) black bear was mine!  “Happy” was a definite understatement!

Now let’s talk about the Phantom CLS.  It was flawless – absolutely unbelievable!  I’ve been hunting with TenPoint products since their introduction, and might add that I’ve also used most types of bows (not just crossbows) on the market including a number of recurves.  Without a doubt, TenPoint continues to set the bar for the crossbow industry.

When I go to the woods this fall my confidence will be elevated, knowing that I go with the best quality and technologically superior crossbow that the market has to offer!

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