AFC Polly Takes a Buck.


AFC Polly Takes a Buck.

By Tony Dukes

Jul 4, 2007 – 6:01:03 AM


The silent vision of multiple nice bucks in front of us, had a sweet silence, that most of us know and endear. One of these bucks, grazing our way, was an old 10 pt. Ranch mgr. Ronny Rogers had given the OK for our hunter to try and take this whitetail.


“I’m afraid he’s gonna see me” whispered our excited lady bowhunter. “Go ahead and draw, there’s your shot” I whispered. The well trained, 4 tour Iraq vet, tightened on the string, bringing the arrow to her cheek.”


Meet, Polly Bobseine, airman first class at the time of this Oct. hunt. Polly had just finished Urban Sniper school and recently became the first woman to win the Golden Wings Jump Award. Not real surprising when you find out she was an Olympic shooter as a youth and had 4 tours of Iraq under her belt.

Big gun, little lady with nerves of steel. A deadly combination.

I had gotten several news “bumps” about her as I reviewed stories and life’s of folks that serve our great country, as I occasionally get to take them on a free bowhunt for TV. After reading her bio and a follow up visit with this lovely warrior, I was certain that she would be a good spokesperson and I would have a competent hunter to help in the hopeful making of a TV show that honors vets.


2 weeks before the hunt, Polly’s house was burglarized. Taken in the heist was her bow, a call to my pal, Doug Bowen, who is a world class bowhunter and silently very well connected, he had Polly a new STEALTH bow coming from the folks at Whisper Creek. After contributions from Limbsaver, Nikon, Carbon Xpress, Double Bull, Lumenock, Wildlife Research and Magnus broadheads, our girl was back in business. How neat is it that folks in our industry would answer the call. Makes you proud of us doesn’t it?


Like ice cream to hot peach cobbler, Kirby Middleton, one of Toby Keith’s mgrs. picked up her round trip air ticket. Good people do good things for good people.


We found the M C Longwater ranch house one of the most comfortable, I’ve ever been in our of close to 40 years of ranch jumping hunts. Smooth, rustic, classy, but comfy, hunting lodge supreme. They also offer exotic hunts, turkey and have some great fishing for weekend retreats. Lots of hard woods and red rock bottoms. Food and hosts, Roger’s family are as good as it gets.


MC Longwater ranch had picked out a double drop buck that would go over 200 for Polly. With only one day left, we had not seen the buck. The older bucks were just not moving although we had seen many from our Double Bull Matrix as we carefully snuggled in the oak brush. Not once did a deer see us.


I saw the old ten walk out first, I turned to Ronnie and said, “Look at the head and belly on him Ron, he needs to go”.  Meanwhile our airman’s 40 lb. bow was HOT to go. “Take him Polly, if he gives you a shot,” whispered Rogers.


As Polly drew, Ronnie and I did too, we drew a deep breath. When waiting for a client to shoot a 150 class deer, time turns upside down. I thought I was gonna pass out when the LUMENOCK lit up the blind on it’s way in search of brown hair. “Right in the crease!” whispered Ronny. The Magnus Stinger left a mark, as right to the shoulder as you can get it, passing all the way through the enormous buck.


Our combat season veteran was now making little girl noises of many kinds. To say Polly was exhilarated would be an understatement. We knew this hit was good, but decided to relive the shot on playback and have a cold drink. We toasted Texas with a Dublin Dr. Pepper. For those of you that don’t know, Dublin, Texas is the only place left that makes Dr. Pepper with the original recipe. For a hot, Central Texas day, this was definitely a tasty quencher.


We were barely 20 yards from our Double Bull when I saw the antlers shining. The buck had folded in less than 100 yds. The Stinger has left an easy trail to follow. There lay a 150 class buck and a soldiers dream come true.


The petite airman, lifted up the heavy horns on the majestic 10 pt. as a salute to the heavens. Fitting of a combat airman. Polly not only got her buck, but she inspired and rallied the community with her poise, kindness and discipline.

AFC Polly Bobseine is all smiles after arrowing this nice buck.

The next day was spent helping the Roger’s kids build a haunted house for a fund raiser, then spoke to the students at Richland Springs about the positive things the military does and is. This is the kind of quality human that makes up our military, please always support them as the enemy is stronger today, and we have not seen the last of terrorism.


The last morning I had the to take this 138 mgmt. buck, another victim to a Magnus broadhead.  Many thanks to M C Longwater Ranch and DnB Taxidermy, of Cherokee TX.


Tony Dukes


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