A Victory ‘Booner’ Moment

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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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A Victory ‘Booner’ Moment

By Bart Lawhorn – GM Victory Archery

Dec 14, 2009 – 5:44:02 AM

It was the morning of November 3, 2009. Thanksgiving was right around the corner and today was going to turn out to be a thankful day for me.  I was hunting with Tom King from the Bighorn Outdoors TV show and had just passed on a small buck and when the camera zoomed into my face.  I told Tom, who had that look on his face as if to say, “Why did you pass that one up?”  I smiled into the lens and said, “If you want a chance to talk; you gotta let the small ones walk”. Then hoped I wouldn’t be eating my words.

 Later that afternoon Tom and I met up with Sean Bogan who said he had some prime land he would like to show us. Sean had just taken a monster buck himself and that was reason enough for us to pull up stakes and try his place. He said it was his ‘Honey Hole’ where he had seen several 150-160 P & Y class deer traveling thru in the last couple days. Going one step farther, he also promised us a shot.

 Tom and I drove to Sean’s place and waited until he got off work at 4:00. When he arrived he was still in his work cloths so Tom set him up with a Predator Camo Jacket and said his jeans would have to work. Our stand was 80 yards from the trucks on the edge of a patch of tall weeds surrounded by industrial buildings. I thought he was on crack or some other mind altering drug as I looked the area over. All I could see was about 5 acres of woods and 5 acres of field. I looked at Sean, then at Tom with one eyebrow cocked and Sean just smiled. So, with a shrug we unloaded our gear and went into the ‘Honey Hole’.

 Tom, Sean and I (still a bit skeptical) climbed up a tree about 45 feet tall and the adventure began.

 We had barely settled into the stand 30 seconds when Sean started excitedly whispering to Tom “BIG BUCK, BIG BUCK” Tom turned and repeated it to me, “BIG BUCK, BIG BUCK”.  I looked at the base of the tree and out about 27 yards. There stood a magnificent 193″ Booner with 30″ main beams! I was shooting a Rytera Alien-X with Victory V-Force400 arrows, tipped with Swhacker broad heads and here was a buck dreams are made of. I brought the bow up and drew, settled the pin on the boiler room and squeezed off the release. The shot was true.  The buck jumped, hit the ground and sprinted out to about 77 yards. He stopped and looking back seemed to be asking that eternal question, “What the heck was that?”


Author with his ‘Honey Hole’ Booner.

Being the archer I am I nocked another arrow and again took aim. I knew I had made a good first shot but a bit low. I wasn’t going to take any chances with this big boy. The pin settled again on his vitals and I released another V-Force. This shot was right on the money. The buck crouched then exploded off again. At about 110 yards he stopped and then went into some pretty heavy brush. It was hard to wait but the wait proved right and after some intense blood trailing we found my buck bedded down and out.

 Everything worked text book and I was thankful to be able to take such a great buck. And, it’s all on film and the world will see it on the Pursuit Channel in 2010 on Bighorn Outdoors TV.

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