A Colorful Spring Bear Hunt

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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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A Colorful Spring Bear Hunt

By Randy R. Mabe

Jul 26, 2007 – 7:00:49 AM


 Pt. 1 – Preparing for the hunt.

I believe finding success on any hunt largely depends on practice, planing and preparation. A recent visit to J.R.’s Archery in Eden, N.C. put my new Mathews Drenalin bow in order for great shooting. With the Limbsaver stabilizer and string silencing accessories, I was soon shooting my Easton A/C/C arrows into small, tight groups and doing so quietly as a church mouse.

Peyton Smith of J.R.’s Archery tunes in authors Mathews Drenalin bow.

Knowing my spring Idaho bear hunt with Keating Outfitters would place me in elevated tree stands, I wanted to do much of my practicing from a ladder stand already in place on my shooting range. Since us stick and string fans had rather be shooting arrows than climbing ladders, it’s mighty nice when your wife is willing to pull arrows for you. But beware, you’d better have a great target like Morrell’s Outdoor Range Target which allows easy arrow removal. Otherwise, your “arrow puller” may not stick around long.

Morrell Targets make pulling arrows a two finger deal for Karen Mabe, the designated ‘Arrow Puller’.

My bow was set on 70 pounds and I would be bear hunting with Montec G5 100 grain broadheads. Although I use NAP Spitfire 100-grain heads a lot for whitetails; they are not legal in Idaho. I knew the G5’s were up for the job through recommendations from other big game hunters I know who had used them to take big game in Africa. I was also impressed with how great these Montec heads flew. I never had to make a change with my set up. I went straight from shooting field points to shooting the G5’s and the performance was let’s just say “unreal!”

Leaving for Idaho with great equipment and hunting with a proven Outfitter, my confidence level was high to say the least. Now, it was just packing my clothes, sharpening my knives and charging the batteries in my cameras.

Not only would this be a hunt where I hoped to take a nice “color phased” bear with my bow, I would also be hunting in front of a camera. The hunt will be aired on the TV show, “Remember The Hunt” which runs on The Sportsman’s Channel.

Tomorrow the hunt begins:

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