A 14pt For Firenock President



A 14pt For Firenock President

By Dorge O’ Huang – President Firenocks

Nov 28, 2009 – 2:32:44 PM


Author with 14 pt buck after a beautiful double lung shot.

Woke up early this morning to get an early start in the woods. Go to the closest public place next to my house and after settling on the tree by 5:00, I set the iPhone alarm for 5:55 am so I can catch the first light. This big guy shows up at 6:03 with a doe in front of him way up on the north hill top, takes him 6 minutes to be in front of me. Shot him high double lung with Firenock GSH red, Aerovane II (white, yellow and red), and Smoke Ramcat. He expired in about 70 yards. 14 points, double brow tine on both.

 OK, here is the full story. I was way back in the woods this Wednesday, I miss a 10 pt when another 9 pt and 2 does come underneath me and another buck which is behind me. These are not BIG deer, but worth shooting by Public land standard! I clean miss that buck which I discover that my arrow rest had moved, which also lead to me accidentally cut my cable on my Darton 3500S. I call Wes at ProString for help and he said he would make me a set ASAP.

 I have a BladeRunner A51 and I set it up and go out, that is Thursday. I saw a nice buck at the very front of the area (a small 12), and cannot get a shot on Friday as I have major nock pinch on my A51. I notice that there were some fresh rubs at about 10 ft to 30 ft from the parking area when I walked out on Thursday and Friday. So I believe the big boys are now at the very front of the area instead of the back where I have to do a LONG walk.

 I got Wes’s ProString cable on Saturday, got the bow set up and shooting silver dollar size at 25 yds Saturday night, I know I am ready. This morning, I set up 30 yards from the highway, which is right at the front of the first turn of the park. It is 120 yard walk from my car. I shot him and he walked exactly where I thought he was heading for the last few days as I saw something rubbing the tree at the very front. It died 70 yards from where I shot him, only 40 yards from where I parked.

Did I know that HE was there? No, but I knew something big was.

What a great buck and on public land.

 I know of 3 more guys like him and one is like a mule deer. Season is not over, we shall see. There are other states which many friends are inviting me to go. It is a great season already. Now, just need to shoot a few does to stock up the freezers. I hunt on public land as I do not own land and only a few friends ONCE in a while invite me to their place to hunt.

 I am always very concerned if I shot a BIG one on their land, how sad will he/she/they feel. And I am lazy on scouting (I do not do scouting), and sure do not feel like doing food plot as I do not own any land beside that tiny piece of lawn in front of my house.

 My basic rule is I do not climb the same tree more than 3 times in a season. So I am not even sure which tree I am going to climb on each hunt. Just what looks good that day. This is the greatest part of my pleasure on hunting Public land. No maintenance, no land tax, no trespassers to worry about, no pay of any kind as it is public, and there are BIG deer there for FREE!

Once again, Thank you Wes at ProString for helping me to go out today! I am not sure I would hit that buck with my A51 which also has some problems.

AND Thanks Scott my buddy from S&P Scent to keep me scent free.

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