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Last Updated: Jun 20, 2010 – 11:00:41 PM


What Ever Happened to the Lost Park Buffalo?

The Mountian Buffalo mounts eventually reached Jerry Vinnola of Big Timber South Taxidermy Studio. His task was to recreate the mounts badly worn and damaged.

Jun 20, 2010 – 10:29:32 PM

Field Evaluation – Darton Pro Series 3500SD

Women make up the fastest growing segment of bowhunting so we turned to Anne Vinnola for her opinion of this new Darton compound. Is it a shooter?

May 27, 2010 – 5:53:55 AM

Alpen Optics- Focused on a Cure

Not only does Alpen make great optics but they are first optics company to help in the fight against breast cancer.

Dec 11, 2009 – 7:11:06 AM

Why Yes, I DO Shoot Like a Girl!

Ladies Only, a reason you should attend the next Team Huntress Outdoor Adventure Camp!

Aug 3, 2009 – 5:39:55 AM

Field Evaluation – BowFit-ArcheryFit

If you are an archer you know the shoulder comes into play. Through injury, failure to warm up, or to increase strength this product wins, hands down.

Jul 5, 2009 – 5:23:06 AM

Field Evaluation – 5-Hour Energy? Drink

Anne Vinnola took a long trip and on that trip she tried an Energy Drink that didn’t work as expected so she tried the 5-Hour Energy? drink.  So how did it work?  Well read on.

Apr 10, 2009 – 6:00:14 AM

Pheasant Phun!

Pheasant hunting can be a challenge but when you put three ladies, one with a bow, together and turn them loose, it can just be a blast.

Jan 11, 2009 – 6:42:01 AM

Talking in the Field

It’s easier than ever with the new technology and Anne Vinnola takes the Motorola Talkabout on the hunt.

Oct 14, 2008 – 5:47:04 AM

Caping and Quartering Elk (Or Whitetail)

After that elk, or whitetail is down the hard and important work is at hand. Anne Vinnola shows you step by step how to do it right.

Oct 13, 2008 – 8:36:32 AM

Prois Hunting Pants and Shirts for Women

Until Prios Hunting Apparel came on the scene women had to pretty much buy clothing made for men. No more.

Sep 22, 2008 – 6:05:39 AM

The Vinnola’s Try the AirowGun

Bottom line? It’s a BLAST! Want to try something different with your bow? Well strap on one of these and go have some fun.

Jun 18, 2008 – 7:12:05 AM

Why You Should Own Pro Ears

Anne Vinnola was blown away by the technology behind Pro Ears. If you hunt, shoot, want to increase hearing range or are subjected to loud noise levels you really need to read this.

Dec 11, 2007 – 1:27:36 PM