Summer – Looking to the Fall
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Summer – Looking to the Fall

By Dustin Bomley – Production Manager

Jul 5, 2008 – 2:36:27 PM

Ah Summer time? Weather is warmer, children out of school, many traveling on family vacations. For the bowhunter, this is a time that many refer to as “the lull”. We read magazines, watch hunting shows or DVDs all year long waiting for the magical time in the fall to begin. Right before the gates open is the hardest and longest time to wait, but the prepared bowhunter uses this time to his or her advantage.

Summer means fun with archery. You get to tune your equipment and launch a lot of arrows to tune your eye. It all pays off in the fall.

If you are one who is active in an archery club, then you are probably faced with the decision of were the next archery shoot is taking place. This is a good issue to need to resolve since shooting at archery competitions creates more opportunity to cycle your equipment and prepare for the upcoming storm of hunting seasons. If you are one who spends time in your yard and not on a local range or course, this is no discredit to you as you also should spend the time becoming proficient with your equipment.

Now is the time to practice. Hunting season will be here before you know it.

This may be a time of lull, but one can use this time to benefit themselves with a few minutes each day. Simple inspection of your bow, arrows, broadheads, and accessories will assure better success rates in September through your local hunting season. Spending as little time as a half an hour a day just shooting and exercising your muscles and mind can be the difference in a harvest or a miss in the fall.

Spend Some Time On The Mental Side Of The Game.

Along with functional equipment, an ethical bowhunter should also spend time on the mental side of the game. Understand that the mental portion of bowhunting is more than just execution of the shot.

Mental preparedness also includes knowing and understanding feeding patterns, travel routes, bedding areas, and general pre-season scouting. Take the summer time to look and learn about your quarry. I had mentioned earlier about watching hunting shows, DVDs, and reading magazines or articles. This too, in my opinion, aids in preparing mentally for the upcoming hunting season. If you read and watch with the intent of learning new tactics, understanding ethical hunting methods and ultimately becoming a better hunter because of others experience and expertise. You will surly be a step ahead when the moment of truth finally presents itself.

I encourage you to take this time and use it to best benefit you, the bowhunter. Contact your local dealer and spend time tuning, shooting and exercising your mind and body. Watch, read and use others experiences for your advantage. Scout now and learn even the smallest things about the game you intend to hunt. All of this in turn will generate more interest in your passion within and abroad. Your passion for bowhunting can infect your family, friends and even future generations. Most of all, look forward to the upcoming hunting season and make it the best one that you have ever had!   


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