Dilemmas and Decisions, Fall Moose Hunt Plans Have Me Baffled


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Dilemmas and Decisions, Fall Moose Hunt Plans Have Me Baffled

By Dustin Bomley – Production Manager

Aug 4, 2008 – 6:05:37 AM


All spring and summer, I have been anticipating a long planned moose hunt in Alberta. This hunt is the result of an invitation from a friend who lives right smack in the middle of the “Edmonton Bow Zone”. The “Bow Zone” is just that, an area that has not been hunted with a firearm since 1967. This zone is noted for its high density of moose and large whitetail deer. Since the invitation is to hunt moose, the whitetails will have to wait for the lucky chance of another invitation or the savings account to grow to a suitable size to afford a reputable outfitter.

 I, as any hunting enthusiast, enjoy the anticipation of putting in for limited entry draw hunts. I have put in for these hunts for about 10 years, and like many other hunters, I am never the lucky one to draw. Well, in 2008 that has changed dramatically. Not only do I have current plans to hunt for moose in Canada, but I also drew an Idaho moose tag. This puts a whole new twist on my plans. I now have the unique opportunity to harvest a Shiras and Canadian species of moose in the same hunting year. To top off this unique opportunity, I also drew a Wyoming antelope tag. My dilemma is now a time management issue along with equipment decisions; this is almost too much for one man to handle.

Alpine Silverado Eclipse

Now that most readers hate me for my, “Out of this world opportunities”? Here is the problem at hand. Which bow to use? Obviously, I will be using an Alpine bow, but what model. In the last two years, I have been partial to the shorter Silverado in the match grade version for a hunting machine. This bow is short, fast, and quickly dispatches every critter that it has had the chance to meet. I have been shooting the 2008 Alpine Ventura of late and this bow leaves no question in my mind of its lethality. Although the Ventura produces just a touch less velocity than my beloved Silverado, the kinetic energy produced is within 2 foot pounds one to another. The mass weight of the Silverado completely outfitted is just a bit less than the Ventura, making the Silverado possibly my first choice for hunting the mountains here in Idaho. The hunt in Canada will be primarily in farm country so elevation changes will be slight as opposed to the Idaho backcountry.

Alpine’s Silverado Ventura

So, as I write this scenario, I have pretty much made up my mind and reasoned my choices. My feeling is that the shorter, lighter weight, faster bow will be my hunting partner in the Idaho backcountry and the longer, forgiving, spot killing accurate Ventura will accompany me to the north woods and fields of Alberta. As for Wyoming? Lets get back to the time management issue and work out the details as to if I am going to have the time to even go to the famous Antelope state.

Hopefully you are having some of the same issues that I am, and if not next year could be your year. One never knows when all the chips will fall your way. Until then, enjoy every moment that you can be in the wonderful outdoors, and look seriously at your equipment choices for your annual hunting trips. Apply your hunting tools to the terrain and quarry that you pursue, and remember that Alpine Archery builds products that can be applied to almost every type of hunting.  


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