Warthog For Randy



Warthog For Randy

By Robert Hoague

Jun 24, 2008 – 7:01:13 AM


An hour before daylight Randy Strotz and the head PH Riaan Alberts drove to another property that the hunt operation has.  They settled in the Hide and waited for activity at their watering hole.

At 8 in the morning they had just started eating a sandwich when Randy saw a warthog coming. He asked Riaan if it was a big one. Riaan nodded and said yes.

While the warthog came to the water and Randy carefully set his lunch down and got his bow. The warthog droppped down to its front knees and began drinking.

Randy quietly moved into position behind the shooting window. Randy drew and aimed and released the arrow. The hog spun around and Randy saw blood where the arrow had hit him.

They waited 5 minutes and went to track the hog. Riaan found blood right away and they followed it across a nearby creek bed and up a hill.

At the top of the hill they jumped the warthog and it ran. Their was still a good blood trail and they followed it easily but jumped it again. And he ran with his tail straight up.

Riann called the trackers and they quickly found the hog near where it was jumped.


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