Planing For Africa 2008
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Wade Nolan And I Are Bowhunting Namibia With
Dries Visser Safaris in Namibia.

Planing For Africa 2008

By Robert Hoague

Feb 21, 2008 – 6:17:25 AM

February 20 – I just got off the phone with Wade Nolan. He has everything arranged for me to fly across the big water to  Windhoek, Namibia to bowhunt the Tamboti Wilderness area. Our outfitter is Dries Visser Safaris. This is a plains game safari for game such as Kudou, Gemsbok, Springbok, Warthog, Wildebeest and Hartebeest. Brent Henderson, Wade Nolan and half a dozen other bowhunters are also on the hunt.

To tell the truth, never having been to Africa, and not knowing very much about it either, I don’t know a Hartebeest from a Gemsbok, so I’ve got to get up to speed on that before the plane departs on May 31.

Wanna Go Too? We Have Room For One More …
As it stands today, Wade Nolan has One opening for one more bowhunter. If you are interested phone Wade at 724-694-8858 for information or Email him at There are several Packages available and even dangerous game can be hunted. And, of course, your hunt will be a part of the coverage of the hunt as well as on BowTube.

It’s gonna be, like they say, the hunt of a lifetime. As I have more details and information I will  post it here.

Robert Hoague

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