Now Jeff Goes Red


Now Jeff Goes Red

By Robert Hoague

Jun 12, 2008 – 9:51:09 AM


Jeff and PH Will Smith went to an area called Impalla Pos and got in the Hide. They arrived at 7:15. The water hole was quiet until 9:15 when they saw a herd of Red Hartebeest. They circled the Hide for half an hour before they walked in front of the blind and went to the water. They clumped up and Jeff saw a big bull in the group.

The bull was quartering slightly toward the Hide and the cows moved enough that Jeff was able to get a clear shot. He drew and put the arrow behind the leg. The bull spun and ran across the burm toward the nearby field. and separated himself from the rest of the herd.

Jeff stayed in the blind and kept track of the bull with his binoculars (Nikon). The bull sat down under a tree near the rest of the herd. Will reported the hit and Fonny and a black tracker drove to the Hide. When the truck arrived the group of Red Hardebest and some Blesbok in the field ran away. The bull stayed by the tree.

Jeff and Will put a stalk on the bull. The bull was 100 yards out in the field and Jeff got in position behind the bull and used the surrounding cover to stalk within bow range.

Will used his NIkon lazer rangefinder. It was 30 yards. Jeff took a second shot and put it in the “pump station” and the bull ran further out in the field. It staggered and fell dead.

Jeff says, “My PH Will Smith is a good guy. We’ve developed a close relationship in our 3 days of hunting together. He is from Midland, Texas and is 25 years old. Will graduated from Long Island University and graduated with a Marine Biology degree. Three years ago he hunted with Dries Visser in South Africa and did video work and editing. He worked his way up to PH and is here in the Namibia hunting operation.”


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