Namibia Weather Report


Namibia Weather Report

By Robert Hoague

May 30, 2008 – 8:01:20 AM


In my post yesterday I mentioned that my attempts to find out the weather in Namibia came up with no information for the weather. Minutes ago George Tague emailed me and he had a link with the scoop.

Right now it is 70° and Partly Cloudy. Today should be Clear with a high of 73° and expected low of 47°. The wind direction right now is NNW at 13 mph. And the rest of the week is Sunny and between 72° and 42°.

That sounds like good hunting weather to me, chilly in the morning and late afternoon, and not unbearably hot during the day. And there is a little wind, that’s alway good to cover up the noise of moving into shooting position or drawing, without being too much wind for an accurate shot.

Thanks George. And for anyone interested here is the link to Windhoek, Namibia weather.


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