My Second Hunt


My Second Hunt

By Robert Hoague

Jul 3, 2008 – 2:49:58 PM


Most of the day today was spent struggling to get the equipment working that would get us on the internet. Reed Nolan spent hours on the phone with A G3 tech in Windhoek making different tests and configurations. Every setting, every test failed. Finally, the technician told Reed that actually he was unfamiliar with the new system and we would have to talk to a different tech in the morning.

Meanwhile I worked with Johaan —-‘s laptop that had a G3 cell phone internet adapter. It wasn’t getting a stable signal but it did make an occasional connection. But the bottom line was that we were not on the internet good enough to update today.

Heck, we might as well go sit in a Hide. So with only two hours of daylight left Reed and I got into the Hide in an area where Reed had videoed a variety of game before I arrived and we bogged down in the internet struggle.

So far I had some pictures of Red Hartebeest, that was it. Maybe this afternoon we would picture and video up.

Ten minutes later I saw a young something or other coming. “What’s that?,” I asked. “A blesbok,” Reed answered as he turned on the video camera.

“Here comes another one,” Reed added.

The two blesbuk went to the water hole in front of the blind and began drinking. Then a third blesbuk joined them and they all drank. Reed told me the last one was a male. I wanted to get a couple more pictures and then make the BowTech switch.

The blesbuk ram walked around a bit and stopped 15 yards away. I took its picture.

Right about that time I decided to make the switch, but a group of remarkable animals came into view about 15 yards away. “Sables,” Reed said, in answer to my unspoken question.

The blesbuk saw the Sables and left the area quickly. I took two quick pictures and picked up the bow.


Without concern, the Sables approached the water hole. (I didn’t take any pictures because I was in BowTech mode. But I lifted pictures from Reed’s video footage.)

A big ram was with them. I hooked up my release and our PH whispered that a Sable was not in my hunt plan. The big Sable ram was absolutely awesome.

Reed motioned towards a dip in  the hill to our right and zoomed in the video. “Kudu,” he whispered.

I stayed hooked up.

The Kudu were exactly the opposite of the Sable. They were over cautious while Sable had shown only moderate concern about coming to the water. The Kudu waited and watched, and waited and watched some more.

Finally, a big Kudu cow began its walk to toward the watering hole. It was really big.

The others followed and they all fanned out and before long some of them were drinking at the water.

One with very striking markings was the last one to come to the water. There is no way that from the pictures you can realize how big these Kudu are.

I passed on shooting a cow Kudu and switched back to the camera. When I looked back through the shooting window I noticed something very interesting watching from the hill in front of us.

It was a Kudu bull. Wow! Now we’re talking big. He stared toward the others and I took a quick pic and switched back into bow mode. I had every intention in letting my BowTech do the talking this big Kudu got in range.

Reed told me that my video camera had just ran out of battery. I thought, heck, who cares, I’m shooting. While the bull Kudu was on the way the PH nodded and whispered that it was too young.

The bull walked by in the 10 to 15 yard range, probably just to torment me.

The last two hours of daylight were almost used up as the kudu left us alone in the Hide.


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