My First Africa Hunt


My First Africa Hunt

By Robert Hoague

Jun 20, 2008 – 9:16:08 AM


Johan Storbek, the owner of the properties we are bowhunting, drove us to the blind called First Hide, it’s where Wade Nolan bagged a big Warthog on his first afternoon out.

Hunting blinds are called “Hides” in Africa and Johaan has impressive Hides. They are made of brick or stone and about 4 feet of the Hide is below ground. Here is a look at the one at First Hide.

Obviously, a brick or stone Hide will significantly reduce the scent from inside the Hide. Three sides of the Hide have vertical shooting/viewing ports and two smaller ports for taking video or pictures. And they have hinged glass windows. This Hide is impressive.

It overlooks a small concrete watering hole that was 17 yards away according to my Nikon Lazer range finder.

An hour into the hunt Johan was watching through the front windows and whispered that he just saw the horms of a group of Red Hartebeest about 80 yards to our left.

I looked but didn’t see any animals. Johan explained that they were walking in the dry, sandy river bed adjacent to our hunting area. He also said that they would watch the area and may take as long as an hour before coming over. This is the area where Johan saw them.

On this hunt I brought along the newest Pro-Ears Dimension Gold Series and I put them on and listened. Thirty minutes later I heard very faint steps to the left and behind the Hide.

Ten minutes afterward the first animal of the day appeared. A young Red Hartabeest. I had my camera in my hand and turned it on. Another young one was now behind it and I took their picture.


Surprise, a mature one walked around the corner of the Hide and surprised me, but not so much that I didn’t get its picture.

More were coming.



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