Kelly In Namibia


Kelly In Namibia

By Robert Hoague

Jun 12, 2008 – 2:12:57 AM


Kelly was listening when Wade Nolan said he wanted some Warthog meat and since Kelly had seen quite a few of them he was hapy to volunteer. The mission was to get a female Warthog because they are the best tasting.

Riaan was Kelly’s PH on the next hunt and they went to an area where a lot of Warthogs were. After a couple of hours a nice female came in and made the mistake of turning broadside at less than 12 yards. Kelly took aim.

And when they returned to hunt headquarters he gave Wade his Warthog meat.

That night they slow cooked Warthog chops and ribs on the open grill. It was delicious. Kelly also got a Blue Wildebeest, a Baboon, a Waterbuck and a big Ginsbok.

Kelly with his Gimsbuk.


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