Jeff Bags A Big Warthog In Round 2
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Wade Nolan And I Are Bowhunting Namibia With
Dries Visser Safaris in Namibia.

Jeff Bags A Big Warthog In Round 2

By Jeff Lockhart

Jun 25, 2008 – 6:28:02 AM

On Day 4 of the hunting, for
the afternoon hunt, we move from Four Ways Pos to Johan’s Pos; located
way back in the bush of the Omapyu Sud ranch, along a dry river bed, in
a particularly wooded area. 

Early in the afternoon a family of
warthogs, including a rather larger male, came into the water.  I
actually had an 8 yard shot; however, I did not compensate correctly
for the short yardage and the arrow only passed through the fat at the
very lower part just behind the left leg; hitting no vital organs, and
definitely not a fatal shot.  The next morning the black tracker
Andreas came and found a very sparse blood trail, until he was
only following the tracks. We gave up on this animal; knowing that he would
live to be hunted another day.

Day 7 of the hunt Will Smith (my PH) and I went back to Omapyu to hunt
the Johan’s Pos for the morning hunt.  Early in the morning a female
warthog came into the water alone; she took a long time to come in.  I
passed on her hoping that the large male would come back to the
waterhole for a drink.

Low and behold he did.  He was also very
skittish and took a good 15 minutes to make up his mind to come in and
drink.  Finally, he came in and presented me a shot. 

Will ranged him at 18.5
yards I smoked him with my 100 grain Grim Reaper mechanical broadhead. 
You could see the blood pouring out as soon as he turned to run away.

We went over and found my arrow only about 5 yards past the hit.  It
was crimson all the way up to and including the fletchings; proof
enough that the hog was mine.  We tracked the Warthog for about 300
yards and found him in a small ditch, in the middle of a thicket of
bushes that bite you when you get into them. 

We were able to pull him
out and get the “Hero Shots”.   After a close examination we saw that
it definitely was the hog that I had shot earlier in the week; the
unmistakable 3 blade entrance wound just low, behind the leg was
there.  What a relief it was to be able to finish the animal off; when
it came into the waterhole it had showed no worse for the ware prior to
the second shot opportunity that I made good use of.


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