Impala Pos


Impala Pos

By Robert Hoague

Jul 31, 2008 – 3:21:23 AM


Will Smith and I arrived at Impala Pos just after noon. We got situated
and I watched through the viewing/shooting window for awhile.

Nothing was going on so I took advantage of the lull and sat down with my laptop and looked through some of the pictures I had taken and organized them into folders so I could find them when I was ready to use them.

On this hunt I’m using the newest technology in hearing
enhancement, the digital Pro-Ears Gold Series. It protects your hearing
from loud sounds and and increases the volume of non harmful sounds. I had the gain turned up extra.  The unit
is programmable for gain sensitivity and can pick up sounds that you absolutely can not hear without them.

The blind (“Hide”) we were inside was
made of brick and also it was sunk into the ground 4 feet. This type
Hide significantly reduces any noises we make inside. But the Hide also reduces all
the sounds in the surrounding area. I used the Pro-Ears in the Hides to help me
hear when game I didn’t know was around, was around.

After a couple of hours of laptop picture and video sorting I heard an animal walk up
behind the blind. It waited a while and walked into view on our right. 
A Warthog.

I definitely wanted a Warthog and got ready. The Warthog did not
co-operate in terms of shot angles. It just plain would not turn
broadside. And it did not stay long either. When it left I checked the time, 3:30.

These Hides are totally first class and they have Video Ports. Will
Smith videoed through them while the Warthog was around. Two more warthogs
came shortly after and Will videoed again.

Afterward, I returned to the Laptop to work pictures but its battery got low and I had
to quit. Another thing about these Hides is they have glass windows
that open and close as well as lock shut. When the windows are closed
it further keeps our noise down and we can look out through them but
the animals can not see us watching them. So I closed the window and I
watched for activity.

The Pro-Ears picked up faint noises in the brush to our left. Soon a Blesbok stepped into sight. I picked up the camera and got its picture.

Will whispered that two more Blesbok were walking up from our right.  Here is a picture of the one in the lead.

I heard water being drank and assumed it was the other Blesbok.
Not so. This one was a male. And he was in bow range. First, I took a picture
of it.

Then I BowTeched up and waited for a good shot opportunity. Suddenly
the buck looked into the distance. Will was the first to see it, the
head of a Red Hartebeest .

Bad timing. If I shoot the Blesbok it will scare off the Red
Hartebeest — and now I can see additional Hartebeest horns poking into
view above the crest of the hill. Will whispered that there were 20 or
more and he could see horns belonging to a couple of bulls.

Ok, we have a Blesbok that is in range … or the possibility of a Red Hartebeest. What to do?

Actually I didn’t think about it that much, I hung my bow up, got the
camera and took a pic of the Blesbok and a Red Hartebeest peeping over
the hill top.

Then I turned the camera off, picked up my bow and looked back through the viewing/shooting
window. The Blesbok were vacating the premises and Red Hartebeest were
pouring over the hill … and coming our way.

This time I didn’t take any pictures. And Will held a steady hand on my
video camera and covered the action we were about to see and be
involved in. So … here is the hunt report and video of what happened
next … and next … and next.  To The Rest Of The Hunt…


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