Brandon – Back On


Brandon – Back On

By Robert Hoague

Jun 12, 2008 – 7:46:03 AM


Brandon Jeffress participated in the Ohio bowhunt last year and he is on this Safari.

Brandon is from Indianapolis and hunted in an area where Kudu and Zebra are, it is called Zebra Pos. It is thick terrain and Brandon and the PH Venzel waited 3 hours without any activity. Vinzel saw the grass split and a Warthog ran out and went right to the water.

Brandon got ready to shoot and and drew. When he leaned into the shooting window the sun was in his eyes and he whispered to Vinzel, “I can’t see the Warthog.”

The Warthog heard the whisper and grunted, sput around with his tail straight up in the air, and stopped … in a place Brandon could shoot without the sun in his eyes. Brandon took the 22 yard shot. The shot looked like a double lunger and the arrow was a complete pass through.

Twenty minutes later they took up the two track, generous blood trail. Vinzel pointed out the Warthog standing in the high grass. Brandon took a second shot and got a pass trhough. The Warthog ran further. They tracked him again and was able to get close again and end the track with

the final shot.

Brandon told me, “The thing that surprised me was how tough these animals are. I have a lot of respect for Warthogs, they are a fighter.

Brandon Jeffress with his Namibian Warthog.


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