Africa – Randy Gets A Double


Africa – Randy Gets A Double

By Robert Hoague

Jun 8, 2008 – 11:57:11 AM


Riaan took Randy Stroetz to a different “Hide” for his afternoon bowhunt. During the afternoon they saw Kudu, watthog, Steinbuk, Ginsbuk and Blue Wildebeest. But things had been quiet for a couple of hours in the late afternoon. When the sun sunk low on the horizon the temperature dropped noticeably and in minutes a group of Black Wildebeest walked up from the rear of the blind and went to the water hole in front of the blind.

Two had extra large horns but the group stayed clumped up as they drank water. As they milled around Randy stayed ready, looking for a clear shot at either one of the two biggest ones. Finally one of the bog ones moved a few steps away from the group. Randy aimed quickly but carefully and took his shot. The arrow hit the Wildebeest buck in the vitals and it ran.

Because it would be dark soon Riaan wanted to look for the Wildebeest after a 20 minute wait. There was no blood at the place of the hit. But in 20 yards Riaan found a good blood trail and they followed it 100 yards to the Black Wildebeest.

Randy Stotz with his second African plains game of the day, a large Blue Wildebeest.

When Randy and Riaan returned to hunt headquarters Wade and I congratulated Randy on his double header for the day. In a few minutes a land rover drove up and from the looks of the big grin on Brandon’s face it my guess is he got something too.


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