Africa – Randy Starts It Out Red
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Africa – Randy Starts It Out Red

By Robert Hoague

Jun 8, 2008 – 1:50:53 AM

Randy Stroetz from Wisconsin settled into the chair in his blind before daylight on his first hunt. The next two hours were quiet until the PH Riaan Alberts saw two cow Red Hartebeest in the bush. There were more behind them and he told Randy that some Hardebeest bulls were coming. By the time Randy had an arrow nocked 5 Hardebeest bulls were within bow range.

Riaan saw a very large Hardebeest bull coming after the others. A Hardebeest was not in Randy’s hunt package and Riaan told him that this was a SCI Gold scoring Hardebeest and if he wanted to he could substitute it for another animal.

When Randy saw the big one walk into shooting range he decided to take Riaan up on the offer. He drew and aimed carefully.

The arrow hit and disappeared (going completely through the big bull). The Hardebeest lost its balance and almost fell in the water. Then it ran, unsteady with its footing, through the tall grass into the nearby river bed.

Riaan and Randy followed it right away — a quick walk through the grass to the edge of the river bed, The bull lay on the opposite edge of the river bank.

Randy Stotz right after recovering his Red Hartebeest bull.

PH Riann Alberts and bowhunter Randy Stotz with Randy’s big Red Hartebeest.

It is noon on the first day of the hunt and it is off to a good start.


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