Africa – A Blesbok For Jeff Lockhart
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Dries Visser Safaris in Namibia.

Africa – A Blesbok For Jeff Lockhart

By Robert Hoague

Jun 12, 2008 – 6:10:56 AM

Jeff Lockhart is from Indianapolis,
Indiana. So far he has seen warthows, blesbok, springbok, black sable,
blue wildebeest, waterbok, red hartebeest and kudu. On the second day a
herd of Blesbok came through and went to the water hole but they stayed too clumped up and Jeff could
not get a clear shot at a ram.

Blesboks at the watering hole. Picture taken by Jeff Lockhart.

An hour later he and Will Smith (the PH) got out
of the “Hide” to commence a stalk on a group of Blesbok rams in a fiield
several 70 yards away. As they watched the Blesbok in the field Will saw a
Blesbok ram approaching from behind them. Quickly, they snuck back into the Hide
and watched the Blesbok approach on a trail to the water hole.

When It was 25 yards
Jeff pulled back his Bear Truth2 bow and took his shot. The Blesbok turned
and ran down the trail it came in on.

Soon it began getting dark so Will
called in to report the hit and Johan, Lisa and Fonny came to help track
the Blesbok ram. They located it laying down underneath
a tree. Jeff climbed up on some nearby rocks to get a clear shot and a
better shot angle and took a second shot. The ram expired in seconds.

Jeff Lockhart with his first African trophy, a Blesbok bull.


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