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ATSKO – Scent Control

Word of Mouth

By Brent Henderson

Nov 6, 2008 – 5:49:07 PM


Wade Nolan explains to the crowd what ATSKO does to keep you from getting busted by that bomber buck.

People flooded through the exhibition hall at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pa. by the thousands. Every new gun, bow, broadhead, ATV, scent technology, camouflage, backpacks, camera mounts, energy supplements, treestands and pretty much anything else you can think of was there. They each were trying to help you become a more successful hunter. I saw guns for thousands of dollars, new bow set-ups for well over a grand, silver and carbon suits for hundreds of dollars, ATV’s for almost $10k, and guided hunts for over $20k, all competing for your hard earned money. But the real question that most hunters had was; “What’s going to make me successful?”


 All those things I mentioned above are great, especially if you have that kind of money to throw around, but the truth is?most of us don’t. I was working with a company that week called ATSKO. Most of the outdoorsmen walking by the booth weren’t familiar with the name, “ATSKO”, but they recognized the bottle of Sport-Wash sitting on our product table, as many of them said to us; “That’s the best clothing wash on the market!” They would quickly open up their wallet and purchase several bottles, put them in their bag, and then head to the arena where the expensive toys were.

 They had brought their hard earned money, and they wanted spend it wisely. Before they would leave, one of us would ask them if they were familiar with the latest research done on deer vision, UV dyes and brighteners, how brighteners were already in the majority of the camouflage they purchased right off the shelf. We explained that most game animals, specifically whitetail deer, can see those dyes and brighteners glowing on our clothing better than you and I can see blaze orange. Typically their first reaction was to jerk their neck back, cock the head sideways, and say; “Come on, I’m not buying that. I’ve been hunting deer for years and taken my share of whitetails, and I’ve never used that stuff”.

Then I’d ask them a simple question; “How many of you guys have ever been busted by a whitetail, and you hadn’t moved, and you knew he hadn’t smelled you?” That response to that question was always100%…YES! Then they would each go into a story about how the “Biggest deer of my life”, saw me and disappeared into the brush. At that point I would say to them; “Would you like to know why you got Busted?”

The glow is what deer see. The patch is what they see after ATSKO’s UV-Killer is applied.

Any good hunter is always looking for ways to be more successful, but pride can stand in the way of an average hunter becoming a highly successful hunter. As their neck would slowly move back into position, and the head cock would begin to look more like a curious puppy trying to figure out, “What’s that whistle”, I would lead them over to a darkened tent we had set up with a UV (Black) light inside. As they would step inside the tent, their eyes would immediately see several “big name” camouflage suits, hanging on a line in front of the light, glowing like a Blue Popsicle.

The verbal responses were sounds like; “Wow, dang, and no way!” Then the guys would begin taking camo outfits out of a bag they had just purchased at the show and begin to hold it up to the light. Then you’d hear them say?Sorry, I can’t repeat what they’d typically say, but it was not a happy response. After a series of colorful words, their jaws went would fall slack, and they would tell me how much they had just paid for their camo outfit that might as well be a sign that said; “Uneducated Hunter”. After a few moments, they would gather their emotions, and then ask me; “OK, so how do I fix this?”



The answers are right in these bottles. Don’t let that bright camo blast UV Rays to the deer. These products help camo do what it’s supposed to do, make you blend in.

   By this time, crowds of curious hunters would form to see just how this U-V-Killer works. Some of them believed they had been killing the UV in their garments for years using Sport-Wash, as the bottle has a UV logo on it with a line through the UV. I explained to them that NO detergent removes UV (the bottle says it contains no UV dyes or brighteners. It doesn’t say it removes UV.

Sport-Wash is essential because you have to wash the garment in Sport -Wash first in order to open up the dye sites. Once the garments dye sites have been opened up, you could then spray the garment with U-V-KILLER, and it would cover the dyes and brighteners in the fabric.

The next statement was almost always; “I’m not sure I’m buying this UV thing”, followed by, “Can you show me how it works?” At that point, I’d pick up a bottle of U-V-KILLER, shake it well, and spray it on a “UV Hot” blue glowing garment that we had previously washed in Sport-Wash. With each spray on the glowing fabric, you could see the blue glow simply vanish, and you could hear the hunters respond again with; “Wow, dang, and no way!”

This time, the response was not one of disbelief, but one of; “I gotta have some of this stuff! This is like the “ultimate knockout” for a whitetail!” They would turn to their buddies they came with, say; “What do you think” (I don’t know why guys ask what their buddies think. If a woman sees something she wants, she usually just goes ahead and buys it), and then get their wallets back out and each buy a bottle of the U-V-KILLER. You could hear them talking as they left saying things like; “I gotta tell dad about this stuff”, or else, “I’m not telling the guys I’m hunting with about this stuff. I’m going to be the one to get the wall-hanger this year. They can figure it out for themselves!” Guys are competitive like that?


Once I was a skeptic too, then I not only saw how it covers the UV dyes and brighteners in front of the UV light, but also by how many more deer I started seeing and tagging after using ASTKO’S Sport Wash and U-V-KILLER. The science is in?and this stuff’s the real deal.

If you’d like to see and hear more about how U-V-KILLER works, go to: ATSKO and watch their DVD


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